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Affiliated Idols (所属アイドル) are Idols who are currently under the Producer's care.

Information[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

The Leader Panel.

In the Affiliated Idols Summary, Producers can choose a Leader. A Leader Idol is the representative of a Producer and their team, especially during Program Auditions. Leaders are also visible to other Producers and cannot be used as a Lesson Base, nor can they be Transferred.

The Leader's statistics are also displayed here. Statistics include the Idol's Level (Lv), Formation Cost (編成値), Experience (成長度), Vocal/Dance/Visual Stats, Dependability (信頼度), Transfer Reward (移籍金), Special Skill (特技) and Skill Level, and Effect (効果). There are also options to view Details (詳細), Remove from Featured (イチオシ解除), and Lock (ロック).

Beneath that, all of the Idols associated and under the Producer's purview are displayed and can be sorted by the statistics listed above.

Transfer[edit | hide | edit source]

Idols can be Transferred out and redeemed for Money. The reward amount is listed under the Transfer Reward of a card and is usually the Formation Cost ×1000. Like choosing a Partner in Lessons, Idols can be Transferred from the Associated Idols or from within Presents.

Unit Formation[edit | hide | edit source]

Three different kinds of Units can be formed from the Unit Formation screen: Live, Audition Battle, and Featured. The former two kinds are dependent on the Formation Cost limit a Producer has. The limit is raised through gaining experience and increasing the Producer's Level.

Live[edit | hide | edit source]

Ten Idols can be placed into an Live Units, five Front and five Back. A total of four Live Units can be created: three custom, and one Auto-Unit. The Auto-Unit attempts to put together the Idols with the strongest stats for a well-rounded team. In custom Units, Idols can be manually entered into a Unit, or a Unit can be automatically formed by customizing parameters like Stats (Vocal/Dance/Visual) or Attributes (Physical/Intelligence/Mental).

Choosing one Unit as the Main Unit will automatically bring that Unit up during Live Auditions. The order and placement of Front Idols and Back Idols within a Unit can also be customized.

Audition Battle[edit | hide | edit source]

Audition Battle Units are comprised of five Idols. Similar to Live Units, a total of four Live Units can be created: three custom, and one Auto-Unit. Each of the custom units can be automatically assigned through similar Live Unit parameters. Each Unit can also be assigned a certain type stat. The order of the Idols within an Audition Battle Unit can be arranged as well.

Featured Units[edit | hide | edit source]

Unlike Live or Audition Battle Units, Featured Units/Ichioshi Units (イチオシユニット) do not rely on any kind of statistics or Formation Cost. Instead, Producers choose their most recommended Idols for their Featured Unit. The Featured Unit is then displayed on the Producer's My Desk. All Idols will have their own default voice lines, while certain Idol combinations will trigger a short conversation between two of them.

Additional Mechanics[edit | hide | edit source]

Collaboration[edit | hide | edit source]

A special feature of Units is Collaboration (連携). By including certain Idols from certain categories, all of the affected Idol's stats are increased slightly. Categories regarding Official Idol Units, Rarity and Attributes always invoke the Collaboration effect, but extended categories like blood types, horoscopes, age, and birth season occur randomly.

Title Condition

More than two (2) Unit Members.
Two (2) of the same Idol do not apply.
If more than two (2) Idols, the effect is the same as 1 Idol.

Shinsoku Ikkon
Cafe Parade
THE Kogadou
All Physical

Only Idols of the same Attribute.
Duplicates count towards this.

All Intelli
All Mental
All N

Only Idols of the same Rarity.
Duplicates count towards this.

All N+
All R
All R+
All SR
All SR+
Title Condition

More than three (3) Idols of the same Attribute.
Duplicates count towards this.


More than four (4) Idols of the same Birth Season.
Duplicates count towards this.

  • Spring: March to May
  • Summer: June to August
  • Autumn: September to November
  • Winter: December to February
Guardian Star Aries

More than three (3) Idols of the same Horoscope.
Duplicates count towards this.

Guardian Star Taurus
Guardian Star Gemini
Guardian Star Cancer
Guardian Star Leo
Guardian Star Virgo
Guardian Star Libra
Guardian Star Scorpio
Guardian Star Sagittarius
Guardian Star Capricorn
Guardian Star Aquarius
Guardian Star Pisces
Blood Type A

More than four (4) Idols of the same Blood Type.
Duplicates count towards this.

Blood Type B
Blood Type O
Blood Type AB
Young Idol

More than five (5) Idols under the age of 18.
Duplicates count towards this.

Does not occur with Adult Idols?

Adult Idol

More than five (5) Idols over the age of 19, including unknown ages.
Duplicates count towards this.

Does not occur with Young Idols?

Staff Level[edit | hide | edit source]

See also: Teams

If a Producer is part of a Team, Money can be spent on a Voice Trainer, Dance Instructor, or Make-Up Artist. By increasing a Team's Staff Level, an extra stat percentage boost is added to all Units. Staff Levels max out at Level 20 and offer a 30% stat boost.

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