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Minori Watanabe

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Beit is an Idol Unit comprised of Kyoji Takajo, Pierre, and Minori Watanabe. Beit features a princely theme while its members were all former part-timers.

Unit History[edit | hide | hide all]

Prior to their Idol activities, Kyoji, Minori, and Pierre all worked part-time jobs in the same city. They first met when Pierre visited Minori's flower shop. Minori, initially concerned about a child in a frog suit wandering alone in his shop for a long time, noticed Pierre was hungry. He took him to the convenience store where they met Kyoji working behind the counter.

One day, Pierre asked Minori how he could have the power to make everybody smile. Minori's answer was "something like an Idol." Upon hearing that, Pierre was adamant on becoming an Idol. Somehow, he and Minori managed to convince the Kyoji to join them...

Unit Relationship[edit | hide]

Beit's relationship from Idol File.

Unit Conversations[edit | hide]

Live Start[edit | hide | hide all]

Live Start
Kyoji Takajo: Pierre, are you all ready? Pierre: I'm ready! Kyoji and me, try our bests!
Pierre: Minori~! Hip, hip, hurray! Minori Watanabe: That’s right!  Hip, hip, hurray!
Kyoji Takajo: Minori san, are you nervous? Minori Watanabe: Just a little bit. But I’m ok, thank you for the concern.

Kyoji Takajo ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Kyoji Takajo Other Idol
Pierre, are you ready to go out? Pierre: I've been ready for an hour! Let's go, let's go!
Did you bring these flowers, Minori san? Minori Watanabe: They just bloomed this morning. Aren’t they beautiful?
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Kyoji Takajo Other Idol
His feelings towards idols.. Minori san is amazing. Pierre: Minori, Kyoji too, everyone is amazing!
For me, being an idol is something to cherish. Jun Fuyumi: Although it can get frustrating….you have a point.
Though working a part-time job is fine, you have to work hard in school as well. Haruna Wakazato: Yeah yeah, I’ll get it to work out somehow!
Being in such an individualistic group must get troublesome, leader. Hayato Akiyama: But that’s what makes us so great.
Sakaki, when are you going to do your summer homework? Natsuki Sakaki: …....When Jun does his... is when I’ll do mine.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone cry while doing their homework. Shiki Iseya: CRIES~ math is SO PAINFUL~ HELP ME!

Pierre ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Pierre Other Idol
Kyoji, which flavor of onigiri are you getting? Kyoji Takajo: Bonito, or tuna mayo. Salmon is okay, too.
This kanji, how do you read it? Minori Watanabe: Which one? ...Sorry, let me go get a dictionary.
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Pierre Other Idol
At the beach, Kyoji and you playing with that thing, what is it? Minori Watanabe: That thing is called a water gun!
Jun, homework, is fun? Is exciting? Jun Fuyumi: Is homework fun…? I don’t really get what you're saying.
Carnival mascot part-time job, I recommend! It’s lots of fun! Haruna Wakazoto: Oh, sounds pretty nice. Wonder if I could give it a try this weekend.
Hayato, what is popular? Popcorn? Is it food? Hayato Akiyama: Minori is giving me that look... I’ll teach you later!
Natsuki, me, your friend! Aren’t I, Natsuki? Natsuki Sakaki: Yes, that is so.
School! Stand up, and bow! Is that right? Shiki Iseya: Bowing is what gets us hyper pumped up for the day!

Minori Watanabe ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Minori Watanabe Other Idol
Kyoji, you’re so young, but still so cool and collected. Kyoji Takajo: And you’re just the opposite: old but soft and fluffy, huh?
Pierre. Are you all ready to go out? Pierre: Just a second. I’m going to the bathroom!
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Minori Watanabe Other Idol
I like this one. It feels good going down my throat. Kyoji Takajo: Minori, that’s my soda...
Staying true to yourself is definitely your strong point Jun Fuyumi: Staying true to one’s self is something anyone can do….
If you’re playing around, that means you finished your homework. Right? Haruna Wakazoto: Wow Minori, you’re just like a mom!
I'm not going to tell you what my student days were like, ok? Hayato Akiyama: I’m sure you were really popular though~...!
You haven’t fought again since then, have you? * Natsuki Sakaki: Uh...maybe...I don’t think we have.
You finished your homework like you're supposed to, right? Shiki Iseya: I have not! I'm in a hyper mega pinch!
*Referring to High x Joker and Beit's ST@RTING LINE Drama track

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