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About[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

This wiki is an English database for the THE iDOLM@STER SideM series, including gameplay, character, unit, song, event, and seiyuu info, among others. It can be edited by anyone-- there's plenty to do, even if you don't know Japanese (see the to-do list below). Although it's mainly focused on the Mobage SideM game, there are plans to include more LOS information in the future.

Any additional information related to the game, GROWING STARS goes here.

For discussion regarding the wiki, or if you need any help with translating/formatting, please visit the Discord server.

Guidelines[edit | hide | edit source]

Editing pages[edit | hide | edit source]

You can edit a page by clicking the 'Edit' or 'Edit Source' button on the top-right corner of the page. Since the wiki uses templates that can't be edited in the visual editor, it may be more useful to use 'Edit Source' for event pages and card data.

For basic information on formatting, view SideMeta:Formatting and SideMeta:Manual of Style.

Translation[edit | hide | edit source]

All translations on this site are done by fans. If you want to translate something, please go ahead and edit the page to include the English translation.

Regarding Previous Translations[edit | hide | edit source]

If you notice any mistakes or have better ways to word things, you can edit the page. However, please do not do this for event story and magazine translations that have a translator credited (unless it's a simple spelling mistake or something equally minor). If you think a translation is wrong there, it's best to message the original translator first since most translators also upload their translations elsewhere.

You can rename a file or page by going to the top-right of the page and clicking on 'More'. This will open up a drop down with the button 'Move'. Note that if you rename a file/page, you must make sure to replace the name on all other pages that link to it. You can check which pages link to the newly renamed file/page by clicking the "What links here" link in the sidebar. In any case, make sure you keep the checkbox for "Leave a redirect behind" ticked so that any old or missed links can still lead to the newly renamed file/page.

Magazine Page Formatting[edit | hide | edit source]

Please view SideMeta:Manual of Style for notes on magazine page formatting.

To-Do List[edit | hide | edit source]

If you're unsure where to start editing on this wiki, here is a list of tasks! We are always looking for contributors for the wiki!

Regular Updating[edit | hide | edit source]

Mobage event pages, new cards, and magazines will be added regularly, typically before the end of the current event period.

There is currently no set schedule for adding content related to LIVE ON ST@GE. We intend to catch up with missing event pages and card data as soon as possible.

In the mean time, here are other pages that should be updated often, too, such as:

  1. Idol birthday comments: See Suzaku Akai for an example. New birthday comment translations are usually posted on SideM ENG on Twitter.
  2. Seasonal (SideMemories) idol comments: These are to be added to the common conversations table of the idol's conversations page.

Asset/Content Uploading and Editing[edit | hide | edit source]

Below is a list of examples for how to format specific pages on the wiki when uploading content or making edits.

For Mobage event pages and card data pages, you can use YumaRowen's SideM Wiki Organizer to easily create pages.

  • For Mobage event pages, simply follow the formatting that is present on the JUST RUNNING! ~Escape from the Paper Fan~ event page. Currently, all 2020 events are consistent with this format; however, events from 2014 to 2019 may have some inconsistencies, which is intended to be fixed as soon as possible.
  • For Mobage magazine pages, follow the formatting that is present on Genbu's magazines page.
  • For Mobage card data, follow the formatting that is present on Michio's card data page.
  • For LOS, formatting details TBD.
  • For Album info, follow the newer formatting style on 5th Anni Album
  • For songs, follow the newer formatting on Three Brace
  • If there are any minor translations you would like to add, such as untranslated gacha titles, card album lines, ect., feel free to edit any pages yourself! When adding translations, such as gacha titles, be sure to also change the titles wherever the title is also present on the wiki. (For example, an untranslated gacha title may also be untranslated on the card data page of an idol associated with that gacha, and it needs to be edited as well.)
  • Regarding newly translated or improved card titles, please notify an admin in the wiki Discord server before making a change!

Translations[edit | hide | edit source]

Since SideM has a lot of content, most of it hasn't been translated yet. There is a masterlist of all of the existing English translations done by the fan community.

In regards to this wiki in particular, existing things that still need to be translated include:

  1. Untranslated card titles, which can be found on the SideMeta:Card Title Translations page.
  2. Event/gacha titles on Mobage events page. Regarding titles, please follow the typical conventions of English grammar. (For example, "The Great Getaway Gacha" has all important words capitalized. However, some gacha titles can be excused from this rule. For example, "Please come, Fortune!" in the full title "Please come, Fortune! The Seven Lucky Gods' Treasure Ship Gacha" is reminiscent of something one may be saying, thus making it visually more appealing to keep "come" uncapitalized.)
  3. Idol card album lines and skills, such as the ones that can be found under each card on an idol's Mobage card data page. (See the album lines below each of Michio's cards on his card data page.) Regarding idol skills, the same rules for capitalization should be followed. (For example, the skill "Formula for Beauty" is properly capitalized as a title of any work would be; however, if the skill sounds like something an idol would say, such as "Try not to fall too hard☆", it is visually more appealing to leave the larger words uncapitalized to represent such speech.

Please feel free to edit any of the pages if you wish to provide new translations for conversations, magazines, etc.!

Content Writing[edit | hide | edit source]

Various gameplay-related and miscellaneous pages are still missing information. No knowledge of Japanese is needed, but please view the Manual of Style before adding missing information.

It may be useful to view the English SideM guide for information on the Mobage and its various mechanics.

Regarding pages needing content:

  1. Create Producer page (in-game Producer; player, and depictions such as in the magazines and anime). Does not need infobox template since the player isn't a character.
  2. Fill out these Mobage pages: Items, Affiliated Idols, Scout Gacha, Social, My Desk, SideMini, P Cards.
  3. Write episode summaries for the anime.
  4. Complete pages regarding lives.
  5. Fill out pages regarding seiyuu.

Regarding consistency issues:

  • There are a few Intelligent idols needing their card data pages completed; however, they will be finished as soon as possible, making all card data pages consistent and complete until they need regular updating.
  • Magazine pages also need to be made consistent with the new formatting.
  • As noted above, all Mobage event pages also need to be made consistent.

Crediting[edit | hide | edit source]


Revision of the Manual of Style[edit | hide | edit source]

With new additions of magazines, we have noticed that each translator has a particular translation style. Because of this, edits may be made to reflect the rules in the Manual of Style.

Template Guide[edit | hide | edit source]

A Google Sheets Template Guide can be found here. Currently, the Guide supports CardData, CardData+, CharInfo, UnitInfo, VAInfo, EventInfo, Conversations. Outdated.

Progress[edit | hide | edit source]

  • As of 05/22/2017, all Idol Pages have been completed. The Audition Idols, Ken, and the other EX characters have yet to be done.
    • For QA purposes, please check to make sure all current Idol Pages use the {{ProfMid}} Template.
    • Images consist of Election collages and other promotional material.
  • As of 03/05/2019, all subpages have been created. However, some card data pages are yet to be completely filled.