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Login Oh my, so today’s my day off. In that case, I’ll go for a bit of a dive, deep into the depths.

Now, let us row our way through the venturous sea! I sense a rising tide of new discoveries from this, the great sea of idoldom!

Event Login Now then, I’ve brought refreshments for you, Producer-san. Inspire us, Producer-san, with a smile as florid and gay as the seas of Okinawa.

Lesson I shall teach you the wonders of the ocean! First of all...

Live Formation So long as I have kindred spirits who share in my love of the sea, there’s nothing I can’t do! Come! To the great blue sea!

Audition Battle Formation If I wish to make my dreams a reality, I must fight in this, the survival of the fittest, until the bitter end.

Featured Unit

It is an honor to be chosen by you. Let us do our best together, so that we may convey to all the wonders of the sea!

Leader N~R+ So, I’m to be the leader. Then, let us begin by making all of you into ocean-loving comrades!

N~R+ Trust MAX Even in the things I wish to convey, there are still matters left unsolved. However, though I may struggle, there’s no doubt that I’ll find my answers someday. That, I firmly believe.

Leader SR~SR+ To me, leadership is still uncharted territory. However, you could say that there’s worth in the pursuit.

SR~SR+ Trust MAX If it wasn’t for your help, Producer-san, I would have drowned on land. Even now, I still require your assistance.

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer-san is a fellow aficionado of the sea, a mentor who guides me and teaches me the power of expression.

My Desk (0% Trust) If you’ve a bit of time to spare, I’d like to finally teach you about the ocean.

My Desk (5% Trust) No matter what direction I face, I shall set off with determination... Someday, I’ll come ashore!

My Desk (30% Trust) What sea shall I swim in this weekend...? Or I could go aquarium-touring instead.

My Desk (MAX% Trust) The color of your eyes, it’s just like the sea... My apologies, I merely found myself lost in them.

Business (0% Trust) This place is rather close to the sea. The scent of the tide is quite pleasant, isn’t it?

Business My apologies. I came with my hair half-dried... Is it, perhaps, sexier this way?

Business (MAX Trust) With your help, I can convey the wonders of the sea more than ever before!

Trust UP! Wonderful! You understand, don’t you? The splendors of the ocean? Come, let us continue and add more and more kindred spirits into our ranks!

My thoughts toward the ocean... How should I express them? To start, I’d like you especially to fully understand the charms of the sea.

I was born in Saitama, but my soul belongs to the Spanish seas I saw in my childhood. I’d like to visit them again with you, someday.

Trust MAX So long as you, the lighthouse, are there to guide me in this great sea of idoldom, I shan’t lose my way on my voyage.

Refreshments I’ve brought refreshments courtesy of my Producer-san. And some fresh seaweed courtesy of me!

Cheer The sea is watching over you...!

Convo Chance! Ah, it’s you, Producer-san.

Break Time Good work out there. It’s a perfect day for sailing.

Oh dear, it’s almost time to go, isn’t it? I had a rather fun and enriching time, myself. Let’s talk again sometime.

mini Shout Do you understand?

mini Thanks My most gracious thanks for the gift!

Audition Battle Preparation It seems you still don’t quite understand just how splendid the sea really is.

Audition Battle Fighting over ecological niches, are we?

Program Audition Preparation Ha...! Even on television programs, we must introduce to others the wonders of the sea...!

Program Audition (Rival) I’ll never lose at skin diving...!

Program Audition (Self) I wish to discover a new continent of idoldom!

Audition Battle (Backup) The sea is watching over you...!

Audition Battle (Win) Thank you, my comrades...!

Audition Battle (Lose) It seems I lost my footing and drowned...

Live Preparation I shall show you the many splendors of the sea!

Live Continuation Like baby sea turtles hatching on the sandy shore, I shan’t give up! I shall persevere!

Allow me to try one more time! If I gave up here, I’d never be able to face the ocean again!

Live Success! You’ve made me delighted beyond words, fellow lovers of the sea!

Like mudskippers in the midst of courtship, I plan to endeavor like my life depends on it!

Knowing everyone is out there supporting me gets my heart as rampant as a horse mackerel!

Were you satisfied? Feel free to make use of me whenever you’d like.

Birthday Effect (2016) An omen of discovery in the sea...! I shall go for it with vim and vigor!

Birthday Comments

Holy Night's Fantasia[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album You prepared for me an opportunity to do this lovely job for me. That wasn’t all, as you prepared such a wonderful present for me too… Fufu, I have nothing but gratitude for you, Producer.
It is still difficult to sing like whales do, but the feelings placed into my songs are sure to get across. Allow me to color the wonderful day known as Christmas with the charms of the ocean!
Scout Unbelievable! To think I would receive a present! This is… a paper knife in the shape of a whale, is it not? What an adorably beautiful form it has!
I prepared a snow dome for this year’s present exchange. When shaken, the palm tree inside and the sea underneath will sparkle!
Change! Merry Christmas! I’m truly glad that I can convey to all of you the charms of the ocean! Please enjoy what we have in store for you today!
My Desk (0% Trust) Hazama-san’s questions are accurate and to the point. I became so joyful that I couldn’t help but talk too much with him.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Would you like to go eat seafood together? I thought we would have time to talk leisurely together.
Business (0% Trust) The fans’ message cards encourage me. I feel I can work harder further on as well.
Trust MAX The many words I have received from you remain clear in my heart, like the fossils of the Burgess Shale.
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