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Teru Tendo

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Kaoru Sakuraba

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Tsubasa Kashiwagi

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DRAMATIC STARS is an Idol Unit comprised of Teru Tendo, Kaoru Sakuraba, and Tsubasa Kashiwagi. They are considered the main trio of the game.

Unit History[edit | edit source]

Unit Conversations[edit | edit source]

Live Start[edit | edit source]

Teru Tendo: Sakuraba, don’t rush ahead! Kaoru Sakuraba: You know you’re the one who’s rushing ahead.
Kaoru Sakuraba: Kashiwagi, why are you worrying about me like that? Tsubasa Kashiwagi: Well if you were to collapse, that would be terrible.
Teru Tendo: Tsubasa, do you mind scoching over just a little bit? Tsubasa Kashiwagi: I’m sorry! I’m big...I’ll get out of the way.

Teru Tendo ➜ Other Members[edit | edit source]

Desk Conversations

Teru Tendo Other Idol
If you’re feeling troubled, you should be able to tell me. You’re being stubborn. Kaoru Sakuraba: If you're looking for people to save, look elsewhere.
Hey, let’s go out to eat, just you and me! Tsubasa Kashiwagi: You had a fight with Kaoru again, didn’t you?

Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines

Teru Tendo Other Idol
Wow, Jupiter are just as cool as I thought…. Kaoru Sakuraba: However, no matter what, we’re going to have to surpass them.
Have you checked out our new song!? Shota Mitarai: Of course I did! It was awesome~
If you’re feeling troubled, I’ll always be here to give you advice! Amehiko Kuzunoha: If you say so, Tendo.
How about I teach you some of the hilarious puns I tell on stage! Chris Koron: I see...I would certainly like for you to teach me.
Toma, is it alright if I talk to you about something again? Toma Amasage: Of course, whenever you need to, feel free to give me a call!
Hey, do you think I would be able to smooth talk? Hokuto Ijuuin: Uhh...with some exceptions, you’d be okay.
That’s quite the high ku-ality haiku! Sora Kitamura: ...am I supposed to laugh at that?

Kaoru Sakuraba➜ Other Members[edit | edit source]

Desk Conversations

Kaoru Sakuraba Other Idol
Getting involved with my business makes you come off as a nosy man. Teru Tendo: Not letting people alone is just part of who I am!
Sorry for making you help me carry equipment. Tsubasa Kashiwagi: Oh no it’s fine, leave any physical labor to me!
Kaoru Sakuraba Other Idol
Should I really use this catchphrase…? Tsubasa Kashiwagi: I think it’s fine if you change it.
You wouldn't think such a good suggestion would come from a 14 year old. Shota Mitarai: Right? Go ahead and rely on me from now on.
...that was quite the performance. Amehiko Kuzunoha: Oh, I’m really flattered to hear that.
Um…? Where is that salty stench coming from? Chris Koron: I took the first train to the ocean today as always!
...with great reluctance, I am starting to recognize your true abilities. Toma Amasage: Should I take that as a complement?
I at first thought you were nothing but superficial. Hokuto Ijuuin: Haha, do I really give off such an impression?
Show me what you guys are made of. Sora Kitamura: I'll show you, with full authenticity~

Tsubasa Kashiwagi➜ Other Members[edit | edit source]

Desk Conversations

Tsubasa Kashiwagi Other Idol
Ah, just now, was that supposed to be a joke? Teru Tendo: Don't ask! I'm embarrassed!
Is it alright to have arms that thin? Kaoru Sakuraba: Well you’re the one who’s built too big.

Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines

Tsubasa Kashiwagi Other Idol
Getting interviewed sure was fun♪ Teru Tendo: Next time, I wanna think about how to spend our interview time better.
I got it! If I listen to the song, the dance comes to mind! Shota Mitarai: Yep yep, you're getting the hang of it!
I'm happy to be making more friends. Amehiko Kuzunoha: Don’t forget we’re rivals as well.
The Mediterranean Sea is a beautiful place isn't it. Chris Koron: Haha...you understand me!?
Toma, what you told me made me happy! Toma Amasage: Being an idol isn't something you do just for show, ya know!
Next could you teach me the trick to smooth talking? Hokuto Ijuuin: Smooth talk? Haha sure, anytime.
Let’s all go to a family restaurant again. Sora Kitamura: Aright, I want to listen into everyone’s conversations more~

Past Events[edit | edit source]

Discography[edit | edit source]

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