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Events are special, limited time occurrences that feature five Idols from a couple of different Units. Doing well in an Event offers Event-only R and SR cards and big rewards. Each Event offers a theme with Special Collections and a related Limited Time Gasha. Events also offer cutscenes in the form of 1-koma, similar to Office Scenes, that extend and develop the Idols as they work together.

For a list of previous events, check Past Events.

Live[edit | edit source]

Live Events are similar to regular Business. Lives are held after progressing through areas. Unlike regular Business, there are no Audition Battles. There are three Live sizes: Small (小会場), Medium (中会場), Large (大会場) with a Premium Live (プレミアムライブ) option only accessible by using Premium Live Tickets. Producers can send out Participation Requests to Coworkers, Teammates, and other Producers to help contribute Crowd Voltage and complete the Live. Points and rewards are earned through completing Lives and participating in other Producers' Lives. The specific rewards and amount of points earned are dependent on the individual Producer's Crowd Voltage contribution and following ranking within each completed Live. No points or rewards are given for unsuccessful Lives.

Participating in other Producers' Lives increases the Tension Gauge (テンション). The amount of Tension earned to fill the Tension Gauge is relative to the amount of Appeal Points used and Crowd Voltage contributed. When the Tension Gauge is filled to 100, Bonus Time (ボナスタイム) is activated and all points earned within the next 10 minutes are doubled.

Participating in Other Lives[edit | edit source]

When "Now Open" (開催中) is displayed on the Event Live button, other Producers' Lives are available to participate in. The button leads to Live Summary (ライブ一覧) and displays a list of Lives that the Producer can participate in. Lives the Producer has participated in or initiated will be marked with blue text reading 参加中 (Participating). In the Producer has yet to participate, the Live will be marked with red text reading 未参加 (Not Participating).

Every Live Participation entry lists:

  • the size of the Live
  • the time remaining (終了まで)
  • the initiator of the Live (主催者)
  • the current Chain (現在 n チェイン)
  • the number of participating Producers (参加人数)
  • the number of audience members (観客動員者)
  • the current Voltage and the Voltage needed (会場のボルテージ)

Clicking the blue Participate (参加する) button will bring the Producer to the Live's Appeal page. See Business for more information.

Marathon[edit | edit source]

Marathon Events are the only Events that do not feature a Live component. Instead, Business is done as usual with the intent of clearing areas. Event Points are earned through a new Communication Part, "Appeal Chance." During Appeal Chance, the Producer can choose to do a Normal Appeal without using any Appeal Points (0 AP), a Good Appeal (50 AP), or a Perfect Appeal using Cheer Megaphones. These Cheer Megaphones can only be earned and used in Marathon events; any Cheer Megaphones that are not used in the current event carry over to the next one. Using multiple Megaphones will multiply the amount of Event Points earned. Using 2 Megaphones earns a 2.2x multiplier while using 3 Megaphones earns a 3.6x multiplier. The point distribution is as follows:

Appeal Type Base  20% UP 40% UP 50% UP 60% UP 70% UP 80% UP 90% UP 100% UP
Normal 50 60 70 75 80 85 90 95 100
Good 200 240 280 300 320 340 360 380 400
Perfect (1 Megaphone) 900 1,080 1,260 1,350 1,440 1,530 1,620 1,710 1,800
Perfect (2 Megaphones) 1,980 2,376 2,772 2,970 3,168 3,366 3,564 3,762 3,960
Perfect (3 Megaphones) 3,240 3,888 4,536 4,860 5,184 5,508 5,832 6,156 6,480

At the end of an Area, an Appeal Battle will be triggered against an Official Unit. These are the same as Audition Battles. 

Follow Development (フォロー発生) and Special Follow (スペシャルフォロー)[edit | edit source]

During Appeal Chance, a random "Follow Development" can occur. With "Follow Development," any Event Points earned are doubled (x2). Sometimes, a "Special Follow" can occur as well, tripling any Event Points earned (x3). Regular Follows are depicted with an Event R or SR, while Special Follows are depicted with an Event R+ or SR+. 

After certain Follows, Bonus Time will activate. Regular Follows will trigger 5 minutes of Bonus Time. Special Follows will trigger 7 minutes of Bonus Time.

Event Reports[edit | edit source]

Instead of Event Scouting Tickets, Marathon Events offer Event Reports which can be earned by completing an Area, winning Appeal Battles, and through Appeal Chances. These Reports are then submitted to President Saito for rewards. Sometimes, Idols will stop by and offer a special reward. 

Regular President Rewards Special Idol Rewards
  • Support Medals
  • Scout Points
  • Money
  • Appeal Points
  • Whistle
  • Voice Memo
  • 【Lesson Support】Ken Yamamura
  • Ken Yamamura
  • Event-Limited My Appeal Bar (Mini)
  • Event-Limited My Vital Jelly (Half)
  • My Appeal Bar (Mini)
  • My Vital Jelly (Half)
  • Cheer Megaphone
  • Platinum Scout Ticket
  • Memory Memo
  • Snack (Small)
  • Snack (Large)
  • Special Snack
  • Idol-Specific Snacks
  • Guaranteed Event Point R Scout Ticket
  • Guaranteed Event Ranking R Scout Ticket*
  • Guaranteed Event SR Scout Ticket
  • Guaranteed Event Ranking R Scout Ticket
  • SR10% Platinum Scout Ticket
  • SR5% Platinum Scout Ticket
  • P Emblem
  • Platinum Scout Ticket*

Italicized Items are First Pass Only
*Starred Items are Following Passes Only

After the first set of rewards are cleared, the list of rewards are reset and the list of available rewards is changed. Please see the marked items above.

Break Time (休憩時間)[edit | edit source]

Break Time allows the Producer to talk to one of six Idols and earn one of three rewards: 20 Stamina Points, 20 Appeal Points, and Bonus Time. 1 point is earned through Conversation Chances during Business and through finishing an Area Step (1/5). 10 points are earned through finishing an entire Area (5/5). After the first Area is cleared, Break Time is triggered automatically. Manually triggering Break Time from the Event's front page costs 10 points; any Break Time triggered during Business is free.

In Break Time, an Idol will ask you for your advice or opinion and present you with three different options. There are two to three questions that he will ask, but the responses to each of the answers are reportedly randomized. 

Official Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Bingo[edit | edit source]

Bingo Events, otherwise known as Tic-Tac-Toe, present the Producer with a 3-by-3 board of Area Steps to choose from. Each step is randomly assigned a Normal, Good, or Perfect value which give one, two, or four points, respectively. Every board has three Perfect panels, two Good panels, and four Normal panels. Perfect panels are arranged in a line on the board horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

A total of twelve Area points are needed to trigger a Live. The Crowd Voltage needed for the Live is dependent on the current difficulty. Clearing three Lives will allow the Producer to move onto the next difficulty. The degrees of difficulty are as follows: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hyper. Special Event Items multiply Voltage Points by 10; stacking these Special Event Items will increase the multiplier.

Team[edit | edit source]

※ Producers must be part of a Team to participate in a Team Event. Please check the Team page for details on how to join one.

Four teams compete for points by participating in Public Performances, held over three rounds per day.

Event Business[edit | edit source]

Special Event Business[edit | edit source]

Practice Lives[edit | edit source]

Public Performances[edit | edit source]

Live Produce[edit | edit source]

A new fifth Event Type was introduced for the H×J Cheer Up Live! Event that took place from July 31st, 2017 to August 7th, 2017. In addition to holding Lives, Producers must also audition and appear on special programs that grant Live Tickets. These tickets are used to hold different sizes of lives.

Live Ticket Collection and Business[edit | edit source]

Producers earn Live Tickets by completing Business. There are three types of Business to choose from, each depleting a certain amount of Stamina: Easy (-3), Normal (-15), and Hard (-75). Hard Business becomes available once a Live in a Medium Venue has been completed. Business is completed in increments of 20%, meaning that a total of 15, 75, or 375 Stamina is used to complete one Step of Business, depending on the Difficulty. Completing Business will earn Live Tickets and Event Points.

Difficulty Stamina


Event Pts
Live Tickets
Easy -3 -15 600 pts 3
Medium -15 -75 3,000 pts 15
Hard -75 -375 15,000 pts 75

Special Offer Auditions[edit | edit source]

After Business has been completed, Producers can choose from four different Programs to Audition for. Each Program Audition will have a certain Size, Demographic, and Media. The Size determines how many Live Tickets and Event Points can be earned upon completion. The Demographics are split between Kids (Pop), Teens (Cool), and Adults (Chic), which will affect the Focus of the Live to be held later. Each Program falls under three different Media types: Radio (Vocal), Television (Dance), and Magazine (Visual). The Media types will affect the Support Idols in the Live as well.

Selecting a Program will trigger an Audition Battle against an unspecified Idol Unit. The size of the Program will determine how many Appeal Points are needed to complete it, along with how many Live Tickets and Event Points are earned.

Size Appeal
Small -20 2,500 pts 20
Medium -40 5,000 pts 100
Large -60 7,500 pts 500
Special -80 10,000 pts 3,000

Live Produce[edit | edit source]

Lives can be started by tapping on the ライプロデュース button. Three different Venue sizes can be selected, each needing a certain amount of Live Tickets to complete: Small (800), Medium (3,000), and Large (15,000). After selecting the Venue size, a Live Prep page displays certain options and parameters which be set before starting the Live. The Target Exhibition Goal (目標発揮値) is displayed. Below that, the Live Concept can be set. The percentage of whichever Concept is chosen (Pop, Cool, Chic) is added onto the Appeal Rate that takes effect after the Live Unit carries out its appeal. For example, if a Producer starts a Live that uses the Pop Concept, and the Producer's Demographics are 40% Kids, the Modified Appeal Rate is then 1.40x. In addition, a second Burst Appeal will sometimes take place, depending on the Produce Level.

For reference, the percentage breakdown of the Demographics and Media is displayed in a pie chart. The Media breakdown can help determine which Live Unit to use, keeping in mind which Media and Value is higher.

Special Items called "Producer Passion" can be used, which are similar to the Special Items used during Live Events. While Live Events multiply Estimated Appeal Power by 10 per use, the increase that Producer Passion offers has not yet been specifically determined. Up to 5 can be used during 1 Live.

The amount of Event Points earned from the Live is the same as however much Crowd Voltage is earned after the Live itself. If the Actual Crowd Voltage surpasses the Goal from the Live Prep page, the Live could earn a Good or above result. Otherwise, the Live will achieve a Normal result.

Produce Level and Chats[edit | edit source]

Completing Lives earns EXP points that count towards the Produce Level. With a Level Cap of 5, increasing the Produce Level will increase the chance of an extra Burst Appeal Chance during lives. Approximately .1% of a Live's Appeal Points will be earned as EXP after a Live ends.

Completing a Live will present the opportunity to chat with an Idol. The mood of the Idol will depend on the outcome of the Live. If a Normal result is achieved, he will appear disappointed or dejected. If a Good result is achieved, he will be excited. The Producer will reply which may include, but not limited to: 大丈夫! (It's okay!), 頑張って! (Do your best!), and さすが! (Just like I thought!) An extra 50 EXP is earned after chatting with the Idols.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Tension UP Cards[edit | edit source]

By earning certain Event and Gasha cards, the amount of Event Points earned can be increased. For Marathon Events, each R Point Reward card earned increases Event Points by 20%, for a total of 60% if all three Point Reward cards are earned. If the concurrent SR and R Gasha cards are earned, a bonus of 50% and 20% is earned respectively.

For all other Events, the R Point Reward will grant a 1.5x bonus, 2x for R+. R and SR Gasha cards will multiply Event Points by x2 and x3; R+ and SR+ Gasha cards will multiply by x3 and x5, respectively.

Tension UP effects cannot exceed 100%.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Progressing through the Event and earning Event Points count towards several rankings and reward tiers. 

Bonus Time[edit | edit source]

If certain parameters are met during Live, Marathon, and Bingo Events, Bonus Time will activate. Any Event Points earned during Bonus Time are doubled. Bonus Time is usually five minutes in length.

For Live Events, a special gauge fills up when participating in other Producers' Lives. Bonus Time activates when the gauge fills up to 100.

For Marathon Events, Bonus Time can activate randomly after completing an Appeal, or after speaking to an Idol during Break Time. During Bonus Time, every Appeal Chance is guaranteed a Follow Development. In addition, another Bonus Time can be randomly activated. This specific period is seven minutes long, instead of five, and guarantees a Special Follow where any Appeal Points earned are tripled.

For Bingo Events, Bonus Time is randomly activated and triples the points earned from an Area panel and doubles any Event Points earned. During Bonus Time, a single Perfect panel can automatically trigger a Live.

For Live Produce Events, Bonus Time will last five minutes and double the amount of Live Tickets earned during Business and Audition Battles.

Panel Missions[edit | edit source]

In every Event, Producers can earn 315 Seals for completing certain Missions. In completing all six missions, one out of four R cards will be rewarded. The default reward card is 【Lesson Support】Ken Yamamura, but can be changed to any of the other three available R cards. To change the selected card, click on 全ミッション達成報酬 (All Mission Completion Reward) and choose from the available options.

Completed missions are reset at midnight JST; any unfinished missions will be carried over to the next day.

Live Missions

  1. Host 5 Lives
  2. Send 2 Participation Requests in 1 Live
  3. Complete 5 Lives (Own or Other Producers)
  4. Use at least 40 Appeal Power once
  5. Rank 1st in Appeals in a Live once
  6. Send a total of 5 Participation Requests (Can be across multiple Lives)

Marathon Missions

  1. Appeal 3 times
  2. Get a "Normal" 3 times during an Appeal Chance
  3. Clear 1 Step of Event Business
  4. Get a "Good" 4 times during an Appeal Chance
  5. Get a "Good" 6 times during an Appeal Chance
  6. Get a "Good" 1 time during an Appeal Chance while Followed

Bingo Missions

  1. Complete Film Prep once (i.e. Complete a panel on the board)
  2. Start Filming once (i.e. Start a Live)
  3. Get a "Perfect" 6 times during Film Prep
  4. Get a "Good" 3 times during Film Prep
  5. Get a "Normal" 6 times during Film Prep
  6. Successfully complete Filming 3 times (i.e. Successfully complete 3 Lives)

Team Missions

  1. Post on your Team's Bulletin Board once (Excluding Schedule Plans and Survey Questions)
  2. Participate in 3 Co-Op Live Practices (i.e. Help other Producers' Live Practices 3 times)
  3. Succeed in 3 Audition Battles
  4. Use 5 Charm Points
  5. Contribute to the day's Schedule (i.e. Post when you'll be playing)
  6. Respond to the day's Survey Question

Live Produce Missions

  1. Complete Business 6 times.
  2. Complete Business 12 times.
  3. Win 6 Audition Battles.
  4. Win 12 Audition Battles.
  5. Complete 3 Live Produces.
  6. Complete 6 Live Produces.

A total of 20 315 Seals can be earned per day, provided that all the Missions were reset. These 315 Seals can be traded in for items at パネルミッション交換所 (Panel Mission Exchange).

Support Medals[edit | edit source]

In addition to Panel Missions, Producers can earn Support Medals that help expand or build the Boys' Dormitories. There is no daily reset like the Panel Missions. Support Medals are earned every time one of the criteria is met.

Marathon Events:

  1. Get a Perfect result during Appeal Chance. (x6 Medals)
    1. Using 3 Megaphones will multiply reward by 3.
    2. Using 2 Megaphones will multiply reward by 2.
  2. Get a Good result during Appeal Chance. (x4 Medals)
  3. Get a Normal result during Appeal Chance. (x2 Medals)
  4. Clear 1 Step during Event Promotions. (x2 Medals)

Live Events:

Bingo Events:

  1. Get a Perfect Area panel. (x4 Medals)
  2. Get a Good Area panel. (x2 Medals)
  3. Get a Normal Area panel. (x1 Medal)
  4. Success in completing a Live (x2 Medals)
    1. Event Live Kind does not matter.
    2. Event Lives outside of Live Concerts do not count.

Team Events:

  1. a

Live Produce Events:

  1. Complete a Live Produce. (x2 Medals)
  2. Win a Special Audition. (x1 Medal)
  3. Complete Business. (x1 Medal)