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Hideo Akuno

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Ryu Kimura

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Seiji Shingen

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FRAME is an Idol Unit comprised of Hideo Akuno, Ryu Kimura, and Seiji Shingen. The three were former civil servants before joining 315 Productions.

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Live Start
Hideo Akuno: You’re as calm as ever, Shingen. Seiji Shingen: Haha, actually  I'm more nervous than I was in combat maneuvers, you know?
Ryu Kimura: Aaa I’m getting nervous...I hope I don't trip! Akuno Hideo: I'm sure everything will go well today. Believe in yourself.
Seiji Shingen: Are you ready to go, Ryu? Ryu Kimura: Double checked my shoelaces! Let’s go!

Hideo Akuno ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Hideo Akuno Other Idol
It’d be nice to finish work without anything happening. Ryu Kimura: Please, I’m praying nothing happens...
Will you lend me your power, Shingen? Seiji Shingen: Of course, you don’t have to ask such a thing like that.
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Hideo Akuno Other Idol
This just reaffirms our dreams! Ryu Kimura: Yeah! There’s no way to go but forward!
Aren’t we a little too colorful? Seiji Shingen: Well, isn’t that a good thing?
Dogs are pretty cute. Kirio Nekoyanagi: Cats too denyansu♪
You’re giving me your pancakes…? Shoma Hanamura: Heheh, I’m cutting calories for good luck!
I appreciate your help with Ryu. Kuro Kiyosumi: No need to thank me, injuries are of a serious matter.

Ryu Kimura ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Ryu Kimura Other Idol
Shoelaces, check! Good luck charms, check! Let’s go! Hideo Akuno: Hey, you dropped your safe driving charm!
Shingen, you seem like you have good luck…. Seiji Shingen: Well meeting you was certainly good luck.
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Ryu Kimura Other Idol
Hideo, I really was scared of you at first. Hideo Akuno: Uh, why are you still telling me that...
Seiji, your dream is pretty cool! Seiji Shingen: Haha…! Though it may be cool, it won’t be easy..
That smell is...a gas leak this time for sure!? Kirio Nekoyanagi: It’s the dry fish I’m eating denyansu.
Wha, What were you praising me for... Shoma Hanamura: I was talking about how I knew you’d be the one to sense the danger!
Aright, Let us proceed with the purification! Kuro Kiyosumi: This is the first time I’ve been invited to a purification...

Seiji Shingen ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Seiji Shingen Other Idol
Hideo. Smile, smile. Hideo Akuno: Whoops, I forgot again... do it like this, right?
Laughing with all your heart will bring good luck, right? Ryu Kimura: HAHAHA!... I feel better already!
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Seiji Shingen Other Idol
When we were recording, your smile looked quite nice. Hideo Akuno: You think I’m getting better!?
It’s interesting to think about the origin of our unit’s name. Ryu Kimura: I want to hear what producer has to say about it too!
Haha, did you enjoy that? Kirio Nekoyanagi: I consider your minced cooking art denyansu!
Just like your name says *, your faces are so colorful. Shoma Hanamura: Fufu, we take pride in that.
Don’t be too strict with yourself, take it easy. Kuro Kiyosumi: I apologize...

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