Haruna Wakazato

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Haruna Wakazato
若里 春名
"18 years young and full of spunk!
Nice to meetcha!!
Member of
SideM Character Data
Age: 18
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Shoe Size: 25.5 cm
Birthday: March 30
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Going on walks
Skills: Hair and Makeup
Writing Hand: Right
Horoscope: Aries
Hometown: Ishikawa
Ex-Job: Light Club Dummer
Attribute: Mental
Seiyuu: Yuusuke Shirai

The affable eldest member of the band, a cheerful boy who gets held back year after year!

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Haruna Wakazato is one of the Idols available to produce at 315 Productions. He is a member of the Idol Unit, High×Joker. He was the drummer for his Light Music Club band with Jun Fuyumi, Natsuki Sakaki, Hayato Akiyama, and Shiki Iseya.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Haruna is the former drummer of a light music club. Haruna has been held back twice, and joined the band in order to improve his grades and graduate through club activities. Even though he's terrible at studying, he's very sociable, and can easily talk to foreigners without timidity, even in English. Haruna's reflexes are excellent, and he often leads the group when it comes to dancing and sports jobs.

(From 2nd Anniversary Book)

Resume[edit | edit source]

Reasons for Becoming an Idol
Actually, I’m about to get held back for the third time this year, so I’m in a bit of a pinch. If I keep my grades up through club stuff, I should probably be okay.
Personal Motto
If there’s nothing fun, make it yourself!
Comments for the Future
First off, no matter how you slice it, I won’t be able to graduate without a hitch... And I don’t want to be a burden on my mom... Ah, but I definitely want to succeed as an idol, too, though.
Comments about Unit Members
Jun still won’t let me have coffee, but he really saves my ass helping me study. Natsuki’s a pretty quiet dude, but he’s probably not a bad guy, or anything. Hayato and Shiki should eat more if they want to get bigger!

Discography[edit | edit source]

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Birthday Comments[edit | edit source]

Year Idol Comment Idol Unit Comment
2016 Heheh, no matter how old I get, I always feel happy when people wish me a happy birthday. Thanks, Producer! I'll work my hardest again for the the year! Haruna Man, how many birthdays have I had ever since I started high school... Hahaha. I know how I can be, but let's have one big birthday celebration!
Hayato Happy birthday! Thank you for always supporting everyone! We'll keep relying on your drumming to be the pillar of support for our band, Haruna!
Natsuki Happy birthday, Haruna... Thank you for all the donuts... This is your present... Everyone bought donuts... Eat as much as you like.
Jun Congratulations. I know that today is your special day, but please be careful and don't eat too much.
Shiki Yay! Happy birthday, man! I'm gonna shout out a birthday song just for you, Harunacchi! Come one everyone, let's shout out together!
2017 Man, it's my birthday again before I know it. I can count on you to celebrate my birthday next year too, right? Heh. I mean it when I say thanks, Producer! Haruna Ahaha. It makes me feel a little touched to have everyone celebrate my birthday. I'm counting in another one next year too! Just kidding!
Hayato Happy birthday! All of us worked together to buy donuts from all the famous bakeries in the city! Eat as many donuts as you like!
Natsuki ...Happy birthday, Haruna... I've been thinking... if getting donuts as a present for you every time is really okay... If you want to eat anything else, just ask.
Jun Congratulations, Haruna-san. I bought you a very reputable and easy to understand reference book for you to use... Hey, don't make that sour face!
Shiki Super mega happy birthday, Harunacchi! This year, I made a birthday song different from last year's one! Everyone's gonna sing it to ya!
2018 On your birthday, you think to yourself, "Have I improved myself since last year", right? Looking at your face though, Producer, tells me I don't need to worry about that question. Thank you! Haruna No need to hold back, gentlemen. Celebrate my birthday to your heart's content... Just kidding! Seriously, thank you guys! I'm so happy!
Hayato Happy birthday, Haruna! Thank you for always encouraging us when we're in trouble. My present for you is... Well, the only thing I could think of was donuts.
Natsuki Happy birthday... Haruna. I also bought a lot of donuts for you... that I thought you'd like. All of it... is yours, Haruna.
Jun Congratulations, Haruna-san. I managed to find a writing set for you that uses a donut pattern. Use this to help with your studies.
Shiki Happy birthday, Harunacchi! I thought everyone would give ya donuts so I'll counter it by giving you bagels! Eat 'em for breakfast, man!
2019 My birthday donuts are in that paper bag?! There’s gotta be a ton in there! Heheh, thanks! Let’s eat! You too, producer! Haruna Yaay! Thanks for spending my birthday with me! Pff, this is too embarrassing. I’m real happy though!
Hayato Happy birthday Haruna! Here’s your donuts..kinda..! We tried making them ourselves...I swear they taste good! So please, eat as many as you like.
Natsuki ...Happy Birthday. We made sure to get your favorite flavor... We made some tea too... let’s all have it together.
Jun I don’t recommend consuming this much sugar but ...I’ll let it slide just for today. But make sure you do your homework.
Shiki Harunacchi!! After you’re all full from the donuts, I'm want you to listen to my special birthday song!! Big thankies to Juncchi who'll be performing with me!