Hayato Akiyama

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Hayato Akiyama
秋山 隼人
"Having tons of people listen to my music;
That's my greatest dream!
Member of
SideM Character Data
Age: 17
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Shoe Size: 24 cm
Birthday: November 22
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Video Games, Playing Guitar
Skills: Imitating baseball players
Writing Hand: Right
Horoscope: Scorpio
Hometown: Hyogo Prefecture
Ex-Job: Light Club Guitarist
Attribute: Physical
Seiyuu: Shouya Chiba

The boy who pours his red-hot passion into his band, a leader who cares for his friends!

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Hayato Akiyama is one of the Idols available to produce at 315 Productions. He is a member of the Idol Unit, High×Joker. He was the guitarist for his Light Music Club band with Jun Fuyumi, Natsuki Sakaki, Haruna Wakazato, and Shiki Iseya.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Hayato is the former guitarist of a light music club. He's a completely average high-school student, and started playing guitar in order to get popular with the girls. But now, together with his bandmates, he's seriously aiming towards becoming a top idol. A kind leader who always thinks of others, Hayato is the kind of boy who cries instantly whenever he feels moved.

(From 2nd Anniversary Book)

Resume[edit | edit source]

Reasons for Becoming an Idol
I want to debut on a major label, so I'm starting small.... Training, I guess?
Personal Motto
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Comments for the Future
I guess when it comes to the future, I have strong feelings about being successful as a band, not just an individual. Being able to hear other people’s thoughts, being able to tell them my own, I think that’s a blessing in and of itself.
Comments about Unit Members
I think Jun’s really pretty amazing on the piano! I’m not very good at telling what Natsuki’s thinking, but there’s no doubt he’s got some talent. Haruna cleans up pretty well when we need him to, too! Shiki... well, he gets carried away pretty easily, but he’s a good kid.

Discography[edit | edit source]

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Side Memories[edit | edit source]

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# Chapter Title
1 Up Close! High x Joker’s Leader!
2 A Pure Emotion
3 The Usual Flow
4 Flustered
5 “I Can’t Let This Go On”
6 Strong Sense of Responsibility
7 Overflowing Inspiration
8 “I Want You to Listen to This Emotion”
9 Our Beloved Leader
10 Hayato Akiyama

Birthday Comments[edit | edit source]

Year Idol Comment Idol Unit Comment
2014 Huh, you really took the time to remember my birthday... Thank you, Producer! I'm super happy! ...Oh no, I'm so happy now that I'm crying. N/A
2015 Huh, birthday celebration...? You're going to celebrate my birthday this year too. Thank you, Producer! I'll make sure to do my very best so that I can have a celebration like this next year too! Hayato I'm super happy that I can celebrate my birthday like this with everyone. I was actually a tiny bit nervous yesterday... Thank you!
Jun Congratulations, Hayato. Please continue doing a good job of leading us from here on too. I have high expectations, leader.
Natsuki Ah... Your eyes are getting red, Hayato... hehe. Happy birthday. Let's all do our best... together this year too.
Haruna Happy birthday, Hayato! Huh? Birthday donuts again, you say? Hehe, I thought you'd say that so today I brought birthday muffins today instead!
Shiki Happy birthday, Hayatocchi! My birthday present to you is a Hayatocchi version of the birthday song! You are so gonna be super mega max psyched!
2016 Huh, is today really my birthday...? Heheh, soryy, I'm just kidding! I was wondering for a while if you were going to celebrate my birthday, Producer. Thank you so much! Hayato Thanks for everything today, guys! I'm so happy right now I can feel my inspiration going off! Yeah, I think I might be able to write a good song now!
Jun Congratulations, Hayato. To celebrate, each one of us wrote a message on these guitar picks. Please take them.
Natsuki ...Happy birthday. We can't unify well as a team if you're not here, Hayato... We're counting on you... Leader.
Haruna Happy birthday, Hayato! Now it's time for me to bring out... not just the birthday donuts, but the birthday senbei too! Let's have a fun time together!
Shiki Super mega happy birthday, Hayatocchi! I wrote some lyrics for a new song as a present! Haha, I'm mega proud of these lyrics!
2017 Waah, thank you! I'm really happy you're celebrating my birthday, Producer. I know this'll sound selfish of me, but... I can look forward to you celebrating it again next year, right? Hayato Thank you guys! I swear that I'll definitely make a good song! Ah, I can feel a phrase popping in my head! I need to jot it down quickly!
Jun Congratulations, Hayato. I've prepared for you a pocket notebook so that you'll be able to write down any song ideas. Please make use of it.
Natsuki Happy birthday... Hayato. I... bought you a pen with a music note design... so please use it together with Jun's notebook.
Haruna We're always grateful to you, leader. My present to you is this donut shop ticket. When you're having a creator's block writing a song, eating sweets is the best thing to help you!
Shiki Happy birthday, Hayatocchi! I bought you a guitar polish cloth as your present this year! Use it to keep your partner nice and clean!

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