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Hayato Akiyama

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Jun Fuyumi

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Natsuki Sakaki

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Haruna Wakazato

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Shiki Iseya

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High×Joker is an Idol Unit comprised of Hayato Akiyama, Jun Fuyumi, Natsuki Sakaki, Haruna Wakazato, and Shiki Iseya. The members of High×Joker joined their high school Light Music Club before forming a band together.

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Live Start
Hayato Akiyama: Lemme hear your best piano playing! Jun Fuyumi: ...Would you stop mixing up the piano and the keyboard!
Hayato Akiyama: C’mon, let’s get HYPED! Just like we always do! Haruna Wakazato: Yup, count me in!
Jun Fuyumi: Just so you know, it’s fine for you to play at your own pace. Natsuki Sakaki: …….Yeah.
Jun Fuyumi: Here’s hoping you don’t go too overboard this time. Shiki Iseya: Ughhh... I’ll try to contain myself as much as I can....
Natsuki Sakaki: ...We’ll be okay if we play just like we always do. Shiki Iseya: ...Yeah, man!
Hayato Akiyama: Is this ok? It’s not too bright for you, is it? Natsuki Sakaki: …….I’m ok. No problem.
Hayato Akiyama: Feel free to sing the same way you always do! Shiki Iseya: OKAAAY! Check me out!
Jun Fuyumi: Would it kill you to dress properly once in a while? Haruna Wakazato: Haha! Yeah, yeah, I got you!
Natsuki Sakaki: …….Are you ok? Haruna Wakazato: You worryin’ about me? Thanks, man!
Haruna Wakazato: Let’s get this crowd raising the roof! Shiki Iseya: YAY! Dang straight! That’s what I’m talkin about!

Hayato Akiyama ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Hayato Akiyama Other Idol
Jun, I bet you could totally write an awesome song for us! Jun Fuyumi: …I’ll consider it.
Haruna, you, uh... You doing ok with school work? Haruna Wakazato: Hahaha, I don’t get a damn thing!
Natsuki, you think you’re making good improvement? Natsuki Sakaki: ……Um. Maybe?
Shiki, you’ve been doing nothing but singing practice. Is your throat feeling alright? Shiki Iseya: Yeah, totally! No biggie!
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Hayato Akiyama Other Idol
Your piano playing’s so cool, the girls must be all over you, right? Jun Fuyumi: You’re still going on about that...? Sigh.
Next time, how about we do something like “Haruna’s English Conversation Radio”? Haruna Wakazato: Not sure what you mean, but it sounds cool, so, I'm down!
I wanna try working at a convenience store~! Kyoji Takajo: It’s not bad, if you get the chance. It’s enjoyable. In it’s own way.
You know Minori, you’re kinda like a teacher. Minori Watanabe: I’m really not that kind of person, am I?
Hey, do you think you could maybe speak just a bit quicker while we’re on air? Natsuki Sakaki: …….Okay. I’ll see what I can do...
Hey, can you tell me the name of the TV program again!? Shiki Iseya: It’s called Gaining Hyper Mega Self Confidence! Look look!
I had a revelation thanks to Pierre’s words. Pierre: You are being welcome! Was I of a help?

Jun Fuyumi ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Jun Fuyumi Other Idol
Hayato. This new song isn’t too bad. Hayato Akiyama: Really? I feel so relieved hearing that from you!
Wakazato-san. Can’t you take your studies a bit more seriously…? Haruna Wakazato: Sigh…. You’re really gonna be like this, huh?
Natsuki, are you sleeping……? Natsuki Sakaki: ...No. Just listening.
Shiki, you need to take your studies seriously. Shiki Iseya: Yeahhh... I’ll do it… More or less…
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Jun Fuyumi Other Idol
...You were a pretty good radio host, you know. Hayato Akiyama: Heheh... I’ll get all bashful if you praise me like that.
Read your script! If you can’t, ask me! Haruna Wakazato: Yeahhh… Sorry... Jun-sensei...
I’m sorry, things got out of hand back there... Kyoji Takajo: I don’t mind. If you ever need to talk about something, feel free to come to me.
Good grief. I’m up to here with everyone's nonsense... Minori Watanabe: You know, sometimes nonsense is good.
I... don’t hate your bass playing, either, Natsuki. Natsuki Sakaki: …! Thank you…! I’m so happy…!!
You went overboard with writing stuff into the script again…! Shiki Iseya: But “Up, up, and Bye-Bee” is my greatest work!
That’s a... mascot costume..? It sure is big... Pierre: Jun, are you having mascot costume interest? I challenge you to it!

Natsuki Sakaki ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Natsuki Sakaki Other Idol
...Hayato, you're always so cheerful... Hayato Akiyama: Well, yeah. That’’s my redeeming quality.
......Jun. Jun Fuyumi: Aah! Don’t call me when I don’t know you’re there!
...Haruna, are you sick? Haruna Wakazato: Nah, I’ve just got a headache from this homework. It’s too hard...
...Shiki is... always so hyper. Shiki Iseya: If I kept quiet, it just wouldn’t feel right!
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Natsuki Sakaki Other Idol
...She sells... seashells... by the…. Hayato Akiyama: Natsuki, I think you’re fine as you are...
...Haruna. Thank you. For the bass, I mean... Haruna Wakazato: Aw, that? You flatter me!
Kyoji. You and I. We’re like... classmates…? Kyoji Takajo: Something like that… Let’s do our best from here on out.
What’s... cherry-picking? Minori Watanabe: It’s focusing on your good points, Natsuki-kun.
Jun’s piano playing is so amazing, it’s... Jun Fuyumi: Thank you, Natsuki. You can leave it at that.
...Shiki, that’s... Jun’s script... right? Shiki Iseya: No no no... The title is... Actually, don’t worry about it!
Everyone’s been smiling since then. Pierre: Yahoo! Smiles, they are good thing! I feel myself very glad!

Haruna Wakazato ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Haruna Wakazato Other Idol
Hayato! Have a donut! Here, take a bite. Hayato Akiyama: Ok! Thanks as always!
Jun, show me how to do this page! Jun Fuyumi: Jeez, I don’t really have a choice here, do I...?
You know, it’s nice that you’re good-looking Natsuki. Natsuki Sakaki: ...Then, should I try to have more self confidence?
Shiki, wanna go ask Jun together? Shiki Iseya: …....Ahh, I getcha. The homework, right?
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Haruna Wakazato Other Idol
Hayato, how would you feel about giving guitar lessons on the radio? Hayato Akiyama: Aw, come on~ No way I’m good enough to teach people...
We have a bit of time, you wanna go over everything? Natsuki Sakaki: Just the two of us? Yeah... That’s fine.
Once in awhile, I stop seeing the smile in Minori-san’s eyes. Kyoji Takajo: ...What a coincidence, sometimes I think the same thing.
I’m glad we were able to talk back there. Minori Watanabe: I’m always here to help, so don’t hold back.
Thanks for speaking well of me on the radio. Jun Fuyumi: About your rehearsals? All I did was state the facts.
Shiki, do you know how to read this kanji? Shiki Iseya: ...Nnnope! Jun-chi! Heeelp!
Everybody’s smiles are important! Pierre: Yahoo! Smiles, they are number one! Happy magic!

Shiki Iseya ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Shiki Iseya Other Idol
Hayato-chi’s music skills are totally epic! Hayato Akiyama: Thanks... I’m a little embarrassed.
Natsuki-chi, why are you always so quiet? Natsuki Sakaki: ...Sorry... I don’t know what to tell you.
Sooner or later I’ll get you to recognize my abilities! Jun Fuyumi: ...Hm. Looking forward to it.
OMG! Haruna-chi, you can speak English!? Haruna Wakazato: Yeah, but I can’t write it at all!
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Shiki Iseya Other Idol
I wanna be on the radio with you guys again! Hayato Akiyama: You can count me in! I'll do my best!
You sure do REALLY like Jun-chi, don’t you? Natsuki Sakaki: ...I just want to always be by his side, that's all...
Kyoji-chi, your convenience store legends sound super kick-ass! Kyoji Takajo: What even is that... Is Minori putting things in your head again…?
Who is the senpai you admire? Minori Watanabe: The former boss of my… Uh... Nevermind!
I at least know how to pronounce on-a-mot-a-pee-uh. Jun Fuyumi: Well then, why don’t you try spelling it out?
Haruna-chi, don’t graduate!! Haruna Wakazato: But you gotta let me!? Dropping out would totally suck!
Even I can be serious once in a while~ Pierre: Do your bestest to being serious! Hurray~, hurray~!

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