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Translator: Cait
Aw, those cards are cute! And so is that mushroom! Wow~!
So we're doing a photoshoot today, huh. This brand's based on Alice in Wonderland, right?
What kind of story was that again?
What, you don't know? Alice gets really big, then gets small...
The Queen of Hearts bosses her around with unreasonable demands too.
Yeah! And there's a weird cat and caterpillar.
Woah... maybe I should read the book so I can play the part...
Good idea, Nao-kun! Kanon will think of some cute poses~!

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...Ryo, Daigo. What magazine are you reading?
Ah, Kazuki-san! We were trying to see what kind of feel the clothing brand we're wearing this time has.
...So you're reading that magazine to research?
Yes. It sounds like the cameraman is very in demand...

I want to try to show off our abilities, even more than we usually do.

When I thought ‘bout it, I realized that this is gonna be our first time doin' a real photoshoot.
...It is. The Mode Collection photoshoot was only for a poster.
I wonder if I'll do a good job at our first photoshoot... I'm sorta worried.
It'll be fine, Daigo-kun! I can teach you all sorts of things!

Let's work together to make this photoshoot a total success!

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First, how about we practice for our photoshoot?
...How, specifically, are we going to practice?
I think it's most important for you two to get used to being in front of the camera.

That's why we're going to use our phone cameras and do a visual lesson!

I get it. Then let's start right away!
...Okay. Ryo, use my phone's camera.
Alright! I'm going to start taking pictures of you!
Take some cool pictures of me, Ryo! I'm countin' on ya! Wahaha!

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Kazuki-san, please do a sexy pose for the camera!
...Sexy? Like this?
That was great, Kazuki-san! Next up is Daigo-kun! Look mysterious!
M-mysterious? How am I s'posed to do that?!

M-maybe, like... this?

Yeah, okay! ...Now then, let's check how the pictures turned out.
Let's see... woah, Sensei's poses are startin' to look good!
...So it's starting to come together now, huh? How are Daigo's pictures?
...Mine sure turned out terrible. How'd that happen...

I know! Ryo, can ya show me an example?

Yeah, I can! Then, this time, you two can try taking pictures of me!

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...Please look sad for the first picture, Ryo.
Okay. Sad... right? *
Woah, that's just what I'd expect from ya! Let's make the next one look fun!
Fun, right? * Ufufu. ♪
...Wait a minute, Ryo... I want you to see the picture that I took just now.
...Gyaoooon?! I ended up posing like a girl~!

Oh, did I get so into it that I slipped back into some of my old habits...?

I think it's fine the way it is. It's a cute picture!
No...! I won't be able to please the cameraman, or even myself, with something like this!

Now that it's come to this...! Let's do some special training, you two!

* These lines are direct references to lines that are spoken by the idols during visual lessons in the iDOLM@STER console games. This includes Dearly Stars, so this possibly shows that Ryo is truly reverting back to his old ways in this scene.

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Eh, I'm going to be Alice? Alice is a girl, right? A-am I going to be wearing a skirt...?!
Eh~, Kanon's going to be the King of Hearts*? No way! I want to be the White Rabbit!

Ryo-kun's going to be a rabbit? Boo, Ryo-kun's a meany~.

Don't say that sorta stuff. I don't wanna be a rabbit! I'm a wolf!
But that's good, right! Bunnies are cute! The king definitely is not cute!
Now, don't say that... let's go see the outfits first.
Ugh... this is part of our job, too, so... it's too early to make up our minds without seeing the outfits first.

Look, I'm not planning on ever taking it easy, so let's hurry up and go!

I'm interested in seeing Alice's outfit too. Kanon-kun, let's go?
Awww~, oh well. I don't wanna, but I'll go with~.

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Hahaha! You're in the presence of the King of Hearts, lower your head! Kneel before me!
What, you really seem like you're back in a good mood.
Ehehe, it's because the king's clothes are super cute!

Kanon can do a good job if the king is like that!

My Alice role is a boy, too. I'm glad that I won't have to wear a skirt...

But, I haven't done a lot of photoshoots before... sigh...

What? Well, then Kanon can give you some lessons. You can leave it to me. ♪
Oh, thanks! Kanon!
Yeah, I think things will turn out okay if you teach me. I'm counting on you.

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Now go boing and shake your hips, then show them a nice smiley smile!
L-like this...? Boing, then smiley?
No, no, if you're shy about it, it'll end up looking bad instead. Go all out and go like, bang!

As long as you learn Kanon's special pose, ‘Justice☆Cute', the photoshoot will go perfectly!


...H-how's that?!

J-... Justice-Cute!


Aw come on~, don't be shy. Try again!
G-got it... Mr. Demon Kanon!
Kanon-kun is strict during times like this, isn't he... ha... hahaha...
I can hear you, you know.

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Hah... hah... h-how about that! That was our hundredth time doing the Justice Hell lesson...
That special training was terrible... but it's finally over...

This is our Justice☆Cute pose...!

Yeah, it's perfect! We did it... I-I'm tired...
Yeah, you two did great! Kanon is so moved that he can't see through his tears.
Thank you, Mr. Kanon...!
Now that we've done our lessons, I know that we will do a great job at the photoshoot. ♪
That'd be nice! We did so many lessons!
Y-... yeah, that's true. I hope the cameraman approves.

But... I wonder if I'll be able to do this well during the real photoshoot...

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...Ryo, there's something I want to ask you before we do our special training.

...What do you think I should do so that the photoshoot will go better?

When I worked as a female idol, I did a lot of photoshoots...

I think it might be important to use your strengths to your advantage. So first, let's think of what your strengths are!

Yeah, that makes sense! I'm gonna figure out what my strengths are with this special trainin'!

Speakin' of, what do ya think is your appeal, Ryo?

Ummm... I've been told that my waistline and crying face are charming, but...
...You probably won't be able to use those now, huh.
A-ahaha... I have to think of some new strengths for myself, too...!

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We gotta think of our own strengths first, right?
...My own appeal... I honestly don't have the slightest idea.
Me neither. I'm surprised by how much I don't know about myself.
You don't have to think about it so hard, you two!

Daigo-kun, one of your strengths is your smile... And Kazuki-san, your gaze is so good that it makes me want to follow your example!

So I can use my smile to my advantage! Well then, ya can leave that to me!
...My gaze is an asset for me? I see.
Then let's keep that in mind and take some pictures!

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Good job, you guys! Now it's my turn.
...Yes. Okay, I'm going to start taking pictures now.
...I have to make sure that I don't look girly. I have to pose like a man...!
...Ryo, your poses look awkward. Relax.
Ya gotta take it easy... I know. Ryo, pose like you're a boy who's in love!
...What?! A boy who's in love... l-like this?!
...Next, do a gyaooon pose.
Gyaooon! ...Wait, Kazuki-san, what was that~?!
Wahaha! Looks like ya were able to relax!
Oh, so you did that for me... alright, I'm fine now! Please continue the photoshoot!

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That was some great special trainin', everyone! Now, how ‘bout we compare these pictures and the ones we took before we did the trainin'!
...Our expressions and poses improved quite a bit, thanks to the special training.
Woah, that's great! Now I'm excited for the real photoshoot

...By the way, Ryo, did ya think of what your strength is?

To be honest... I haven't. Oh... what should I do...?
...I know what your strength is. Your photos make it obvious.

...Whether you're serious, troubled, smiling, or embarrassed... ...Your many different expressions are your strengths.

Okay... so my expressions are my strengths... Kazuki-san, thank you!

You two! Let's do our best and make this a good photoshoot!

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I'm Nao Okamura! I'll be in your care.
Alright, it's time for us to see the results of Kanon's lessons!
Yeah! Here we go! One, two, Justice☆Cute!
What~ a retake?! But we did it just like Kanon told us to!
They said both Shiro and I have to try again after our break...
They said our pictures weren't what they were expecting, too...
Awww... n-no way...

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Okay, here you go. I brought some juice.
Thanks, Nao. Here, you drink some too, Kanon.
...I'm sorry~. I thought we did a good job~!
Don't worry about it. It's just that those poses weren't for us.
Yeah, Justice☆Cute is a pose that's right for you.

Even if we do it the same way you do, of course it wouldn't look good.

You taught us that pose because you were thinking of us, right? So it's totally fine.
Yeah... okay. Alright, let's drink some juice and cheer back up!
But either way, my pose is... what should I do now~?!
Yeah, that's true...

I know! I have a good idea!

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You have an idea that could help us take good pictures?
Yeah. I thought of it when I was looking at the outfits...

How about we use what we're good at?

Whaddya mean?
Ummm, look at this book.
Is that an Alice picture book...?
It is. Look, try turning the pages.
Wow~ it's a pop-up book! This is fun~!
Let me turn the pages too! Haha, so the rabbit is that kind of character!
Come on, don’t rush through it. Turn through them in order~.

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This photoshoot is Alice-themed, so I'm wondering if we should get into character.
Get... into character? Even though there's no script?
We don't have a lot of experience doing photoshoots, but we have acted before.

We've done this sort of work before, so I know we can do it.

Hm, okay... so I'll be this March Hare...

I feel like I can do this! F-LAGS is doing their shoot now, so we've got some time.

Yeah, it looks like now's the time to do some practice.
Kanon will help too! I learned about how to be the King of Hearts from the picture book!
Okay then, let's use all the time we've got to master Alice!

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Looks like Mofumofuen's havin' a rough time with the photoshoot.
...However, it seems like they have something up their sleeve. They were practicing behind the scenes.
Mofumofuen is giving it all they've got...

We should go all out too!

Yeah, of course! I'm still no good at posin', but...

I'm gonna make everyone smile by smilin' myself!

...We have to go beyond the expectations they have for us, for our fans.

...The photoshoot appears to be ready. Let's go.

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I'm ready for ya to start the photoshoot!

...Huh? Cameraman, ya don't look too happy. I'll make ya smile with my smile! So let's start shootin'!

...A side glance, downcast look, or looking straight at the camera... eyes speak eloquently.

...My gaze is an asset of mine... I have to use that to my advantage.

I should look cool, right? I understand... like this?

...Alright! I'm doing a good job of showing off my expressions! I think this will be a good picture that shows who I am!

Great work on the photoshoot!
...The cameraman was strict, just as the rumors said, but... we were still able to take some good pictures.
Yes! It was a great success!

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...Huh? What's wrong, Kazuki-san? Is there something on your mind...?
...During the photoshoot, I realized how talented you are again.
Yeah. It really shows. It's just what I'd expect from ya!
...Though it is frustrating, I must admit that there is a difference in Ryo and I's ability.
Yeah. Ryo's always a step ahead of us. It makes me feel a lil' impatient...
Kazuki-san, Daigo-kun...

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If it's like Daigo-kun said, and I'm a step ahead of you…

Then you two have to hurry and catch up to me!

...That's not somethin' that's easy to say. You're surprisin'ly Spartan! Wahaha!

But you're right. I've gotta give it my all!

...I agree. Someday soon, I will catch up... no, I will surpass you.
Ahaha, how promising! That's the spirit!

Of course, I won't stand still either! Let's run forwards with all we've got, together!

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"Oh nooo! The tea party isn't ready yet!"
"Wait, Mr. Rabbit! You don't have to be in such a hurry. The tea isn't going anywhere!"
"This won't do! After all, the King of Hearts is on his way here! Look, there he is!"
"Hahaha! I'm going to devour some tea, and gulp down some cake~!"
"I think you mean the other way around..."
"Do you have a complaint, Alice?! I'll have your head if you do."
Fufu, we're really getting into these roles. I hope our fans enjoy it too.
Yeah, I think we'll do great now!
We should act like this until it's over. ♪
Yeah, let's do our best! Kanon-kun, Shiro-kun!

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Great job everyooone!
Whew... the photoshoot is finally over.
You both did great! You were sooo cute~!

Nao-kun's Alice felt like he was being swayed by Wonderland... And the role of the silly March Hare was perfect for Shiro-kun. ♪

No, it's all ‘cause Nao showed us that picture book.

When I heard that I'd be a rabbit, I thought it'd be cute, but... When I saw the picture book, I started thinking that I should act more silly. You really helped us out, Nao. Thanks!

N-... no, you don't have to thank me... ehehe, I'm glad that I could be helpful.

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Alright, now that we're done changing, let's head back~.
...Zzz... zzz...
Huh? Nao-kun fell asleep.
Hey c'mon, why're you sleeping here like a little kid?
He must be super tired. But we have to wake him up and go back...

Nao-kun, Nao-ku-...

Tch... let him sleep.
Okay. Ufufu... Nao-kun looks like Alice when he's sleeping.
Wait... Mr. Rabbit... *mumble*...
Haha, sounds like Alice-kun is still lost in Wonderland.

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*mumble*... hm... what... I...

Oh no! I fell asleep... I'm sorry, Kanon-kun! Shiro-ku-...

*snore*... *snore*... *mumble*...
...Zzz... zzz... ehehe...
...Huh? They're sleeping, too...

Hey, wake up~. Kanon-kun, Shiro-kun. ...They won't wake up. It looks like they're sleeping soundly. Oh well... today was tiring. Fufu... I'll pat their sleepy heads. You both did great... get some rest.