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Items are consumables used to aid in various Jobs and Lives and can be earned through various ways.

Item List[edit | edit source]

Recovery[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description How to Obtain Giftable?
Vital Jelly Y
MY Vital Jelly N
MY Vital Jelly (Half) N
Event Limited MY Vital Jelly (Half) N
Appeal Bar Y
MY Appeal Bar N
MY Appeal Bar (Mini) N
Event Limited MY Appeal Bar N
Vyrn Apple Movie "Granblue Fantasy ~Visitors From Another World~" campaign
Tendo's Scarf Anime campaign
Blackish 961 SP Necklace Anime campaign
DRAMATIC STARS CD Jacket Anime campaign
Kaeru's Crown Anime campaign
Ray Gun Anime campaign
Soccer Ball Anime campaign
Shiki's Phone Anime campaign
Water Gun Anime campaign
Touma's Vegetable Curry Anime campaign
Jampan Anime campaign
Onsen Ticket Anime campaign
Dolphin Necklace Anime campaign
Flowerstand Anime campaign

Scouting[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description How to Obtain Giftable?
Scout Point
Live Scout Ticket
Platinum Scout Ticket
SR 0.3% Platinum Scout Ticket
SR 1% Platinum Scout Ticket
SR 5% Platinum Scout Ticket
SR 10% Platinum Scout Ticket
Limited SR 2% Scout Ticket
315 Audition Scout Ticket
Limited BOX Scout Ticket
Scout Medal
Ranking SR 0.3% Scout Ticket
Ranking SR 1% Scout Ticket
Ranking SR 5% Scout Ticket
Ranking SR 10% Scout Ticket
Ranking SR 20% Ticket
Points R Limited Scout Ticket
Event R Limited Scout Ticket
Event SR Limited Scout Ticket

Presents[edit | edit source]

Gifts[edit | edit source]

See also: Coworkers

Shop[edit | edit source]

Exchange Booth[edit | edit source]