Kaoru Sakuraba

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Kaoru Sakuraba
"Commencing the most supreme operation!"
Member of
Character Data
Age: 26
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Shoe Size: 26.5 cm
Birthday: September 24
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Reading my sister's worn out poetry book, a keepsake from her
Skills: Magic Tricks
Writing Hand: Both
Horoscope: Libra
Hometown: Kyoto
Ex-Job: Doctor
Attribute: Intelligent
Voice Actor: Yuuma Uchida

The cool perfectionist who relies on no one!

Kaoru Sakuraba is one of the Idols available to produce at 315 Productions. He is a member of the Idol Unit, DRAMATIC STARS with Teru Tendo and Tsubasa Kashiwagi. He was a former doctor before being scouted by the Producer.

Profile[edit | hide | hide all]

Kaoru is a former surgeon. He aims to become a top idol in order to eradicate the disease that took his older sister's life. A stoic personality and hard worker, he is strict with both himself and others, and is willing to do anything to achieve his goals. His arrogant remarks are many, and his unsociable nature makes him often misunderstood. However, in truth, he is a rather kind person¹.

Resume[edit | hide]

Reasons for Becoming an Idol
To make money.
Personal Motto
Success follows hard work.
Comments for the Future
My ultimate goal is making money as a top idol; Therefore, my first order of business is becoming a first-rate one. Physical activity is my weak point, and talking with idiots pains me, but I can overcome any obstacle.
Comments about Unit Members
Between a pushy, sweltering middle-aged man and a brat who has no worth other than his smile and his stomach, I’d rather not associate in private with these people at all. But, as idols... Well, I suppose they’re not technically worthless there.

Story[edit | hide]

Translated Commus[edit | hide]

Birthday Comments[edit | hide]

See: Kaoru Sakuraba/Birthday

Character Commu
...It's not fair for you to celebrate my birthday these past few years and I do not reciprocate. When your birthday arrives, I'll be there to celebrate it. You'd best prepare yourself.

Character Commu
This birthday cake contains the perfect amount of sugar and fat. Optimal food to eat before our difficult lesson starts for the day... It's not bad at all.
Yeah! Once the birthday party is done, let's go do some practice lessons for our next job! I even left your present in the training room, Kaoru-san!
So, you could at least say, "I'm happy" or, "Thank you." you know?... Although looking at your face already shows how happy you are!

Character Commu
It would be a great blessing to have someone outside of my family to celebrate the day I was born... No, nothing, this year too... I'm grateful for it.

Character Commu
...I will only be engaging in this foolishness until the date changes. Whenever you're done, I'll promptly leave... Hey, are you listening?
Yes! That means you're going to come with us for today's birthday celebration, Kaoru-san! I'm so happy!
Ooh! Today, Tsubasa and I are going to make this the best day of your life so you can't wait for your next birthday! Get ready for it, Sakuraba!

Character Commu
Your behavior is suspicious. You're setting up another surprise birthday for me, aren't you?
You do it every year. I can pick up on your behavior... I'm not saying should stop doing it though.

Character Commu
The party decor is becoming more lavish every year. Is it really necessary to expend this much effort every year setting up a party? I don't need a birthday party, your sentiments are enough for me.
You noticed that we change the decor every year! I always ask Teru-san for advice every year and we always do our best to set it up to your tastes, Kaoru-san!
You don't need to be so distant and reserved! Just be happy, Sakuraba! Today's your birthday! Show us a big birthday smile, birthday boy!

Character Commu
I know you're planning something with that grin on your face. I've learned it by now. What is it this year? If you have a surprise or anything else to throw at me, I'm ready for it.

Character Commu
Year after year, you guys never get tired of this kind of thing. I've gotten tired of resisting it, though. Go ahead and do whatever you want.
I'm touched that you would actually wear that birthday cake hat! Even though it's Kaoru-san's party, we're the ones having fun.
That pouty face doesn't work in that hat, Sakuraba! You're today's star! The party poppers are ready, so... Producer! I'll leave the photos to you!

Character Commu
I used to not necessarily remember my Birthday. But since you, Tendo, and Kashiwagi like to make a big deal out of it, I can't ever forget it.

Character Commu
I thought I was ready for whatever you had planned for me today, but somehow you always come up with something new.
Tendo-san, what should we do! Kaoru-san isn't too irritated! Was welcoming him with giant part poppers not enough...?
But Tsubasa, this is just the beginning! I've still got plenty of surprises in mind to make Sakuraba happy. Alright, let's move onto the next one!

Side Memories[edit | hide]

See: Kaoru Sakuraba/Side Memories

Translator: GQ
Character Commu
Phew! That sure was a rough dance lesson.
I think we did pretty good, for our first time doing the whole dance!
Yeah! At this rate, we'll be knocking this solo concert out of the park!

...I see you're in high spirits, but remember that this is only the first of many lessons for our concert.
If you don't start taking them seriously soon, you'll pay for it later.

Well, yeah, I know that. But can't you let us have a little fun?
No fighting, please. Oh, right—have you two thought of what you'll say yet?
You mean for the messages we're supposed to deliver to our fans during the concert?

Yes! I know we're supposed to talk about the future, to fit with the concert's theme...
But I'm still thinking on it. Have you figured out what you want to say, Teru-san?

Yep, you bet I have! I've got some real great lines brewing in my head.

We still have quite some time left before the concert. There's no need for you to fret, Kashiwagi.
And Tendou. I'm sure your idea is as excellent as you suggest, but it's far too early to be setting anything in stone.

Something about your choice of words bothers me, but... I guess you're right. I'll stew on it some more.
(...I need to think of what to say as well. What message do I want to send...?)

Character Commu

(...I came here to find ideas for my message, but...)
(This was quite a productive visit in general. It gave me the chance to look back on my origins, after all.)

Doctor Whoa! I thought I saw a familiar face—if it isn't Sakuraba! Long time no see!
Doctor Aren't you an idol now? Didn't think I'd run into you in a place like this.

I could say the same to you. It's rather astonishing to see you at a scientific conference.
As I recall it, you weren't the type to appreciate research back during our student days.

Doctor Haha, gimme a break. I've become a primary doctor since then, y'know!
And, uh... I have a bit of a difficult patient under my care right now. So I'm gathering any info I can.
What about you? Oh, don't tell me... You're here for a gig?!

Your sense of humor is as dull as ever. I'm also gathering information.
It's not as if I've lost interest in the advancement of medicine.

Doctor Haha. You might be an idol now, but you're still as serious as you've always been.
...Likewise—I see that you're just as talkative as I remember.

Character Commu
What are you reading?
...Oh, it's you. This is an academic book that piqued my interest at a recent conference. Would you like to see it?
No reaction, hm... I can't tell if you're engrossed in the text, or if your brain chose to shut down instead...
Girl Hey mister, aren't you Sakuraba Kaoru from DRAMATIC STARS? Whatcha reading?
...Who are you?
Girl That sure looks difficult. What does it say? Ack, there's English...
Hey, get your hands away from this.
Girl Aw... I just wanted to look at the pictures.
This book is special to me. Imagine if someone were to give your prized possessions the same treatment.
Girl My prized possessions...? I don't prize anything. Whenever I want something, I just get it.

Hmph, what a spoiled child... hm?
...Your skin is quite pale. It appears as if you're not in your best condition.

Character Commu
Girl ...What do you mean? I'm in tip-top shape. See, look...
Ack, whoops...

Don't strain yourself. As a former doctor, I cannot ignore someone that's on the verge of fainting.
Your wrists are notably slim. And these injection marks... I take it that this is no ordinary case of fatigue.

Girl ...Darn, you found me out. I snuck out from that hospital over there.
...You fool. Children of your age have weak immune systems. You should return.
Girl I'm not a kid, I'm in high school! ...Even though the only time I could go was for the entrance ceremony.
The others in my grade get to go to school and hang out on the way home every day...
But I have to be stuck on a hospital bed, doing all sorts of lab tests... I want to be free like them.
(...A high schooler... one that's fighting illness, at that... My sister was also about this age when she....)
A doctor runs up to the two.
Doctor Phew... I finally found you! Thank goodness you didn't go very far this time!
Girl D-doctor...
Doctor ...Whoa there, if it isn't Sakuraba! What a crazy coincidence. You two know each other?
No, we just met. Is this girl your patient?
Doctor Yep. She's a real handful with how often she breaks out. Thanks for keeping an eye on her for me.
...This girl's been stuck in the hospital for a while, so I guess she's starting to get bored...
We're from that hospital right over there. You should stop by to chat with her some time.
Hmph. I might pay you a visit if I feel like it.

Character Commu
Is something on your mind?

...! You.
Apologies. Our solo concert is fast approaching, yet it seems that my mind is elsewhere.

Are you thinking about that girl?

...Nothing gets past you. That high schooler... She's apparently been hospitalized for some time now.

(All they share is an age... yet, when I think of her, I think of my sister...)

I can't help but sympathize with her situation, it seems.
What am I thinking? I should be devoting all my focus to our concert right now.

You could cheer her up with your songs!

...Are you suggesting we invite her to the concert?
......That's preposterous... yet...

......Before making any decisions, we must first consult with her primary physician. We would need to obtain her consent, as well.
I suppose I'll go inquire in person. I did say that I would visit if I felt like it, after all.

Character Commu
Doctor Sakuraba! I can't believe you actually swung by!
...I see you have quite a negative impression of me.
Doctor Sorry, that was a bad joke! Thanks a ton! I'm sure she'll appreciate the visit.
Doctor Well... this is her room. Just don't let the surprise show on your face when you see her.

Surprise? What do you...

Girl ...Oh. Sakuraba-san. Wow... You really came. This can't be real...
...You look terrible.
Girl ...My lab results have been bad all week.
I can't even sneak out like this. But I guess my doctor's happy about that. Ahaha...
...My doctor told me, DRAMATIC STARS is having a solo concert soon.
Oh... and I saw your commercial for it on TV! You're a totally different person when you sing, Sakuraba-san.
I wish I could actually see you in concert... not just in some short commercial...

...Just kidding! I never thought I could go in the first place.
Even though I can't go, I'll be rooting for you from here. You got this, Sakuraba-san!
......Of course...

Character Commu

(......Whenever my sister's condition worsened... She would make that same kind of face.)
(I can't help but think of her... When she would put up a front, masking her fears...)

Deep in thought again?

...No, I was just reminiscing on the past.
...When I was young, my bedridden sister would often ask me to sing for her in the hospital.
From that moment on, singing became something special to me. It remains so today.
So it would bring me joy if my songs could offer some solace to my fans.

...You suggested that I cheer that girl up through song. I've been dwelling on that thought ever since.
That girl's extended hospitalization is causing her to lose hope. Her morale is low.
What she needs right now is the willpower and courage to fight the illness that afflicts her.
If I were to, say, go sing at her hospital... Could I give her that strength?
I've simulated this scenario a number of times in my mind, but... it never seems quite right.
I am an idol. An idol is capable of far greater things than a cappella performances in a tiny room.
The true shine of an idol reveals itself upon the stages they build with their teammates and concert staff.
I imagine witnessing that shine is what will give that girl the courage she truly needs.
Yet, her condition makes it impossible for us to invite her to the concert... What can be done...?

She had no problems watching our commercial on the TV in her room...
The TV in her room... Hold on. Perhaps...? I'll need you to help me evaluate the feasibility of this.

Character Commu
A few months later, on the day of the concert...

So if we look and wave at that camera over there, it'll be aired in real time?
I've heard of hospitals getting live orchestras before, but never a livestream. It's crazy that you managed to get approval for this!

This kind of broadcast is a first for our industry too, so it's getting a ton of media attention.
Kaoru-san, Producer... you've brought an amazing project to life!
You used your connections in the medical community to help with convincing the hospital, right?

...Producer. You spilled something to Kashiwagi, didn't you.
There's nothing wrong with that. Let us thank you, Kaoru-san.
Yeah! Thanks for all your patients!! Get it?

...As I'm sure you two are aware, we absolutely cannot let this concert fail.
Not for our fans, nor for the audience watching us live from the hospital.

Of course we won't!
Sakuraba, did you make sure to come up with something to say about the future?
Naturally. What I must say is already clear to me.
...It's nearly time for the opening performance. Producer. Watch over everything I stand for.

Character Commu

No one can predict what the future will bring. It might have something totally different in mind for us.
But, today leads to tomorrow. So I think we should enjoy ourselves and try to live our lives to the fullest...
...So that when we look back on the future, we'll see how bright and precious the shine of today was!

To me, the future... is a sky I fly in, together with Teru-san, Kaoru-san, and everyone here.
I can aim for greater heights because I have all of you by my side.
So I'd love it if we could fly on and on in these skies together!

(...I'm the last one up. It's time for me to share... what the future means to me.)
(May this reach the audience, reach through the cameras... reach up into the heavens.)

The future is uncertain. We cannot always expect it to reward us for our endeavors.
Regardless, I must continue to press forward.
...It is through continuous self-improvement that I advance. If my actions and songs were to become inspiration for others to follow, that would please me.
My wish is for our music to resonate with your futures.
...And for that, I will continue to sing with all my soul—now and to the future.

I'd like you all... to listen to our song. DRIVE A LIVE.

Character Commu
(Hands Kaoru a bundle of letters)
What is this? ...Ah, post-concert fan letters.
Wow... there are so many from hospital patients! They must've really enjoyed it!
Our live broadcast was a huge hit, Producer!

(...This letter... it's from that high schooler.)
("That concert was the best! But I'm still bummed that I couldn't make it in person.")
("I swear I'll recover soon so I can see your next concert at the venue!" ...I see.)

Ooh, Kaoru-san. You had a really warm smile on your face just now.

...I had nothing of the sort. You must've imagined it.
With that aside, are you two done celebrating yet? It's time for our retrospective.

Retrospective of what, the concert? I thought we already did that on the day of the event.

This feedback from our fans will make it much easier to see what needs improvement.
...Producer. You'll be joining us too, of course.
There's no time to waste. We must set our sights higher, and continue to press forward.
...And as our producer, we will have you assist us through every step of the way.

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Etymology[edit | hide]

  • The name Kaoru means "fragrance, fragrant" (薫).
  • Kaoru's surname Sakuraba means "cherry blossom" (桜) (sakura) and "garden, yard" (庭) (ba).

Trivia[edit | hide]

  • Kaoru is not a morning person. He is groggy until he gets the chance to drink his morning coffee.
  • According to Kaoru's June seasonal line, Producer claims there are many days when it rains while he is on set. This hints at him being an “ame-otoko” (雨男), someone who attracts the rain while outside.
  • Kaoru's favorite marine animal is dolphin.
  • As shown in Teru's Waltz of the Puppets event magazine chapter, Kaoru is quite skilled in ventriloquism. He is also skilled in magic tricks and sleight of hand and learned it back then to cheer up his sister when she was in the hospital.

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