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Login So I am to be a housecat today as well, denyansu~ So, this, uh, doesn’t mean I’m fired or anything, right?
Where shall we go to meow? I, the Great Purr-former Nekoyanagi, am at thy humble service, wherever thou may go, denyansu♪
Event Login A gift for nya, Producer-kun♪ Fall under the drunken spell of my performance, denyansu♪
A gift for nya, Producer-kun♪ Fall under the drunken spell of my performance, denyansu♪ I want you having fun until the very end♪
Lesson Lesson time! Let’s do our best, denyansu!
Live Formation For our first song and tale, we’ll liven the crowd up with a bo~ng!
Audition Battle Formation Nyohoho~ The word “defeat” isn’t in my dictio-nya-ry, you know~♪
Featured Unit Featured by Producer-kun himself! I’m feline motivated to the max, denyansu~!
Leader N~R+ Will becoming the leader give me a deeper understanding of idols...? In that case, by all means, ny’allow me, denyansu!
N~R+ Trust MAX The more I do this, the more purr-found I realize idols truly are. I’m developing quite the eye for this, you could even call me a gourmet♪
Leader SR~SR+ Nyohoho~ I get to be the leader? Very well! Now, everyone, let’s get this world rolling in the aisles, denyansu~!
SR~SR+ Trust MAX It’s thanks to your work behind the scenes that we can take it easy so much~ I bow down to you in gratitude, O Great Producer-kun~!
Leader (Other Producer) My Producer-kun lets me take catnaps here and there all the time~ All it costs is exclusive first-look access to my nyew purr-formances♪
My Desk (0% Trust) Boom shaka boom boom boom cha cha♪ Presenting the Great Purr-former Nekoyanagi!
My Desk (5% Trust) Nyawa~n, the world is just filled with with wonderful people, isn’t it, denyansu~?
My Desk (30% Trust) Do as nya love as much as nya like! Be fun! Be fierce! Be loud! Denyansu♪
My Desk (MAX% Trust) Seeing the audience smile from any stage, Rakugo or idol, fills me with joy, all the same!
Business (0% Trust) Powawa~n, that turned out pretty well, one way or a-nya-ther.
Business Nyahahahahahaha! Purr-fect, denyansu!!
Business (MAX Trust) Producer-kun, the path of an idol really is purr-found, isn’t it, denyansu?
Trust UP! Madame Butterfly told me he hopes we all get along. I don’t really get how friends work, though, denyansu...
It’s always fun when Madame Butterfly and Kuro-kun are around! ...This must be what having friends is like, denyansu♪
Producer-kun, I want you to hear my Rakugo purr-formance. I have some nyan-derful new content I want to try out, denyansu♪
Trust MAX Up until meow, I’ve never met anyone as fun as you, Producer-kun! I’m counting on mew from here on out, denyansu!
Refreshments I have some tasty candy and a new act! Which do you purr-fer?
Cheer From Meow-ter Space, I bring you... my power, denyansu!
Convo Chance! Producer-kun, want to chat fur a bit?
Break Time If I may, please bear with me for just a while♪
And with that, break is adjourned. Let’s meet up again, denyansu♪
mini Shout Let’s go, right meow~♪
mini Thanks Producer-kun. Thank you furry much for the gift, denyansu♪
Audition Battle Preparation Nyaha~n! The air’s paw-sitively brimming with tension~!!
Audition Battle Thank you for your continued patronage. And now, The Great Purr-former Nekoyanagi.
And now, the punchline♪
Program Audition Preparation Fufufu... Not bad. But you’re going to have to pry this job out of my claws, denyansu♪
Program Audition (Rival) And now, the punchline♪
Program Audition (Self) Meow let’s have some fun♪
Audition Battle (Backup) From Meow-ter Space, I bring you... my power, denyansu!
Audition Battle (Win) And with that, the show is over♪
Audition Battle (Lose) This must be... an idol’s aura... Oof...
Live Preparation Whoa! This place is paw-sitively packed, denyansu!
Live Continuation The audience seems a little cold, doesn’t it~ But I think I might have just the story...
Whuh?! What a cat-astrophe! Should I set up my act? Or, or maybe some impressions...♪
Live Success! A sold out show, a deep feeling of thanks, a hail of cheers, ‘tis these three things that fill me with joy, denyansu♪
Having fun at a concert and seeing the audience smile, that’s the best prize there is, denyansu!
Today’s concert went purr-fect♪ The customer is king, denyansu!
What an astonishing sight♪ I really can do anything I set my mind to, denyansu.
Birthday Effect (2015) Nnnyanyanyanya... KA-SHWING! Something’s coming right this way!!
Birthday Effect (2016) That’s it! Wonderful electro-nya-gnetic reception, denyansu!
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