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My Desk is the Main Page in LIVE ON ST@GE. From here, Producers can check their Stamina, LP, Producer Points and MStars on the top bar.

Present Box[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

In the Present Box, Producers can check what Items they have yet to redeem. If the item hits the expiration limit, it will disappear, so be sure to claim every item before then.

It is possible to Filter the items as well, by pressing the Filter button the bottom right. Producers can check their 500 last redeemed items by looking at their Item acquisition history.

News[edit | hide | edit source]

Pressing the News (お知らせ) button will bring up the menu, with the choices to read about the latest information and announcements (Event/Gacha reveals, new songs, etc.), campaigns, and known bugs.

Missions[edit | hide | edit source]

There are multiple types of missions. Daily, Weekly, Normal, Limited and Beginner (not shown on the picture.)

Daily Missions[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Play one specific song (specified on the Missions page, 315Live only) Reward: 100 Producer Points
  • Play 3 songs (315 Lives only) Reward: 100 Producer Points
  • Increase bond with any Idol Reward: 100 Producer Points
  • Complete every daily mission Reward: 1x 20-Stamina Jelly

Weekly Missions[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Log-in every day Reward: 50 MStars
  • Complete Live 5 Times Reward: 200 Producer Points
  • Complete Live 15 Times Reward: 1x MAX-LP Candy
  • Complete Live 25 Times Reward: 1x 50-Stamina Jelly
  • Complete Live 35 Times Reward: 500 Producer Points
  • Complete Live 50 Times Reward: 1x 100-Stamina Jelly

Normal Missions[edit | hide | edit source]

Normal Missions are not time-limited. As of 11/24/2020, There are 195 Normal Missions. Completing the 315Pro Story, leveling up trust levels, bond levels, producer level or fan count will complete some of those missions.

Limited Missions[edit | hide | edit source]

The limited missions are linked to the current event that is happening. These missions are only available during the event period.

Produce Event[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Daily Event Mission: Complete Event Produce 3 times Reward: 10 MStars
  • Complete Event Produce 10 Times Reward: 1x 20-Stamina Jelly
  • Complete Event Produce 15 Times Reward: 1x 20-Stamina Jelly
  • Complete Event Produce 20 Times Reward: 1x 100-Stamina Jelly
  • Complete Event Produce 30 Times Reward: 1x 315 Producer Memo
  • Complete Event Produce 40 Times Reward: 50 MStars

Limited Produce Missions.
Limited Produce Missions.

315 Productions Birthday Party[edit | hide | edit source]


Friend List[edit | hide | edit source]

In the Friend List, it is possible to add Friends, via the "send request via Friend Code". The Producer's ID will then be shown.

Producers can send gifts (1 P-Coin) to friends every day. Sending a P-Coin to a friend also sends one to the Producers' Present Box.
"Send gift to all friends" (一括差し入れる) works in the same way, but sends a P-Coin to every friend simultaneously.

WAY[edit | hide | edit source]

See WAY for more details.

Menu[edit | hide | edit source]

Unit Edit[edit | hide | edit source]

315PRO Story[edit | hide | edit source]

In 315PRO Story Unit; Producers can edit the unit used in the 315PRO Story mode.

315Live[edit | hide | edit source]

In 315Live Unit; Producers can edit the unit used in the 315Live mode.

Event[edit | hide | edit source]

In Event Unit; Producers can edit the unit used in Events. This Unit organization is the same as 315PRO Story.

My Desk[edit | hide | edit source]

In My Desk Unit; Producers can edit the Idols that appear on My Desk. All Idols have specific interactions with everyone. The card art will also be displayed in the background.

Idol List[edit | hide | edit source]

Here, Producers can check all the cards they have acquired.

By clicking Change info, SP Training of the card/Trust level of the idol will be shown.

Sort[edit | hide | edit source]


Business[edit | hide | edit source]

See Business (LOS) for more details.

315 Lives[edit | hide | edit source]

See 315 Lives for more details.