Rei Kagura

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Rei Kagura
神楽 麗
"I won't run away anymore. That's what I've decided."
Member of
Character Data
Age: 16
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Shoe Size: 24.5 cm
Birthday: June 17
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Applying hand cream
Skills: Accurately replicating any violin piece after hearing it just once
Writing Hand: Right
Horoscope: Gemini
Hometown: Tokyo
Ex-Job: Violinist
Attribute: Intelligent
Voice Actor: Yuusuke Nagano

The former musician, a young lad emerging from a world of solitude!

Rei Kagura is one of the Idols available to produce at 315 Productions. He is a violinist who formed the idol unit, Altessimo with Kei Tsuzuki.

Profile[edit | hide | hide all]

Rei is a former violinist. His father was a conductor, his mother, a pianist, and his older sister, a cellist. Rei was born into a family of music, and was treated as such from a very young age, receiving an education in music reserved only for the gifted. Rei is very serious, especially about rehearsing, and often puts too much stress upon his shoulders as a result. He owns a golden retriever, and is an avid lover of dogs¹.

Resume[edit | hide]

Reasons for Becoming an Idol
So I can deliver heartfelt music to those who need it.
Personal Motto
Trust... Because it’s something I need.
Comments for the Future
Everybody goes through heartbreaks.I aspire to play music that people can turn to in those times of need.Alas, I am yet immature, but from now on, as always, I ask for your care and guidance.
Comments about Unit Members
Tsuzuki-san... has the makings a musical genius... and... that’s about it? Nothing else comes to mind. What do I think of his personality...? Ah... Ahem. I implore him to please act more seriously.

Story[edit | hide]

Translated Commus[edit | hide]

Birthday Comments[edit | hide]

See: Rei Kagura/Birthday

Character Commu
A birthday celebration? You remembered my birthday. Your words of celebration makes the depths of my heart warm. Thank you so much... I will never forget about this day.

Character Commu
I am surprised you knew when my birthday was, Tsuzuki-san... Thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful song to listen to.
I talked to Producer-san at the right moment about your birthday. I did my best to remember it. I am happy I was able to convey this melody to you.

Character Commu
Ahh... a violin-shaped birthday cake for a present! This is truly splendid... it looks just like a real violin. It is my birthday cake... but it seems to be a kind of a waste to just eat it.

Character Commu
You did your best to remember my birthday this year too. I'm quite surprised considering how you are, Tsuzuki-san!
You always check the calendar quite a bit, after all. I just remembered that today was your birthday. Allow me to give you the gift of a song on your special day.

Character Commu
Is this... a birthday present? I am grateful for your kindness. Everyone in the production wished me a happy birthday as well. I vow that I will repay you and everyone else for this warm and comforting feeling.

Character Commu
Excuse me, Tsuzuki-san. I was searching for you everywhere and I couldn't find you... Did you go out and buy a present for me?
Happy birthday. I wasn't sure what present would make you happy, Rei-san. Horses... dogs... the violin... I ended up buying all the merchandise related to those.

Character Commu
Thank you for this present! Before I open it, I’m going to try and guess what's inside...I’m excited...Huh!...Never mind that!

Character Commu
Thank you for such a wonderful song. I see you went back to revise this piece many times. It’s unusual seeing you write all over the place like this.
Well, every time I thought of you, new ideas came rushing to my head. I couldn’t have had to rewrite everything...this sheet of music is yours to keep.

Character Commu
Is this present for me? You know me so well, I’m sure you picked something great.
Thank you for thinking of me.

Character Commu
A Birthday song from you makes me so happy...I've started to look forward to my Birthday because of it.
As the rainy season comes, so does inspiration for your song. And then comes your Birthday. For this one, I was inspired by the sound of rainfall.

Side Memories[edit | hide]

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Game[edit | hide]

Event and Gacha History[edit | hide]

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Discography[edit | hide]

Etymology[edit | hide]

  • The name Rei means "beautiful, lovely" (麗).
  • Rei's surname Kagura means "Shinto music" (神楽).

Trivia[edit | hide]

  • Rei adores his pet golden retriever very strongly. They occasionally sing together when Rei practices singing at home. He loves animals in general and has been seen admiring horses, doting on cats, and caring for dogs.
  • Rei is awkward around others and teenagers his age due to his sheltered upbringing. However, after joining 315 Production, he has been able to build friendships with Shiki Iseya, Ren Kizaki, and Suzaku Akai.
  • Rei has an older sister who plays the cello. She goes overseas and sends him presents of hand creams every so often.

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Rei Kagura
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