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Michio Hazama

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Rui Maita

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Jiro Yamashita

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S.E.M is an Idol Unit comprised of Michio Hazama, Rui Maita, and Jiro Yamashita. The three were ex-teachers before joining 315 Productions.

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Unit Conversations[edit | hide | edit source]

Live Start
Michio Hazama: Coordination is key, our timing must harmonize. Rui Maita: OKAY! "All together now" let’s go☆
Michio Hazama: I will put in full effort so that I will have no regrets. Jiro Yamashita: How about you just go with the flow~
Jiro Yamashita: You're cheerful today too, huh. Must be a lot of work. Rui Maita: Yeah! I want to let out all this energy♪

Michio Hazama ➜ Other Members[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Desk Conversations
Michio Hazama Other Idol
Maita, what are those cat ears? Rui Maita: It’s a moe moe item! Meow~ meow!
Is your mind always fixated on money? Jiro Yamashita: Yeah, cause money makes me happy.
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Michio Hazama Other Idol
I have yet to grasp the equation of proficient intercommunication. Rui Maita: As long as you have LOVE, everything will work out♪
Yamashita, I’m depending on you today as well. Jiro Yamashita: In order to inspire the younger generation to dream, here I go.
...This is not something I would of expected Kyosuke to do. Yusuke Aoi: Oh no, I’m the one who left my candy wrapper out! So sorry!
Your hand-eye coordination exceeded my expectations. Yusuke Aoi: It’s cause Kyosuke and I play fighting games all the time♪
This...appears to be what are Yusuke’s personal belongings. Kyosuke Aoi: Oops! ...I’ll help clean it up!
I believe it is difficult to balance your studies and idol activities. Kyosuke Aoi: Nah! With you being here, I’m all good!

Rui Maita ➜ Other Members[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Desk Conversations
Rui Maita Other Idol
Wow! Whatever you’re reading looks hard. Michio Hazama: ...This is simply a syllabus.
La~La~La~♪ It’s a wonderful day! Jiro Yamashita: An old man like me can't keep up with your cheerfulness.
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Rui Maita Other Idol
I want to sing a song at the festival again! Michio Hazama:
Mister Hazama’s passion is something great, isn’t it♪ Jiro Yamashita: Yep... oh he’s interesting, isn’t he?
...Mister Yusuke, this kendama is all yours☆ Yusuke Aoi: I can have it!? Thank ya, teacher!
Yusuke and Kyosuke, let's go to Mister Yamashita’s house! Yusuke Aoi: We’re allowed to? Haha, I’m looking forward to it~♪
Check out my original kendama technique! Kyosuke Aoi: Should I take that as a complement?
Ha..hahh..how’s that? My soccer kicking! Kyosuke Aoi: Don't you think we’ll get scolded for still skipping cleaning~?

Jiro Yamashita ➜ Other Members[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Desk Conversations
Jiro Yamashita Other Idol
Coffee boiled in a beaker is especially good, isn’t it? Michio Hazama: ...Misusing equipment for your personal needs is improper.
Rui, what kind of food do you usually eat? Rui Maita: Kendama! ...Ah wait, no. That’s my skill!
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Jiro Yamashita Other Idol
How in the world can you move around so quickly right after eating a lot…? Michio Hazama: It must be my moderate eating habits.
Ruuiii~..."S"! Rui Maita: What?! Uh- "E"!...you surprised me!
Oh hey, that cat is cute…! Yusuke Aoi: Right? I see him around the neighborhood.
Cats are good as well but...I sure do like horses. Yusuke Aoi: Horses~? They run super quickly, they’re cool!
Wh-what..you two are also coming to my house? Kyosuke Aoi: We’ll bring you some treats, so please welcome us!
Hey move out of the way, I’m gonna take a nap. Kyosuke Aoi: Ah, we’re using the sofa! We’re gaming~

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