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Kirio Nekoyanagi

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Shoma Hanamura

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Kuro Kiyosumi

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(Sai) is an Idol Unit comprised of Kirio Nekoyanagi, Shoma Hanamura, and Kuro Kiyosumi. The Unit's theme is centered around traditional Japanese arts.

Unit History[edit | hide | hide all]

Unit Relationship[edit | hide]

Sai unit relationship from Idol File

Unit Conversations[edit | hide]

Live Start[edit | hide | hide all]

Live Start
Kirio Nekoyanagi: To that fluttery, sparkling stage, here we come, denyansu!! Shoma Hanamura: Boy, you sure are filled to the brim with energy, aren’t you?
Kirio Nekoyanagi: Kuro-kun, you have quite the stern countenance! Kuro Kiyosumi: This is merely what my face looks like by nature...
Shoma Hanamura: My my, doesn’t someone look handsome today? Kuro Kiyosumi: For me to receive such high praise… thank you...

Kirio Nekoyanagi ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Kirio Nekoyanagi Other Idol
Want a purr-tato chip? Shoma Hanamura: Oh, no, I can’t stand them. They’re bad for your skin!
I have my best Kuro-kun im-purr-ession to show you! Kuro Kiyosumi: ...Will I be angered by this?

Shoma Hanamura ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Shoma Hanamura Other Idol
Oh, bo~y! You wouldn’t happen to know who stained my clothes, would you? Kirio Nekoyanagi: Uh-oh!
The tea you made the other day was splendid, you know. Kuro Kiyosumi: Is that so? I will be sure to make it again, then.

Kuro Kiyosumi ➜ Other Members[edit | hide | hide all]

Desk Conversations
Kuro Kiyosumi Other Idol
Why must you always behave like this... Kirio Nekoyanagi: I’m getting tired of your nagging, denyansu~!
That which is useless has no use. Shoma Hanamura: You sure are a bit of a bore sometimes...

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