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This guide is currently a work in progress.

THE iDOLM@STER SideM is a social card collecting game hosted on the platform Mobage. Among English-speaking fans, it is commonly referred to as the 'original game', 'SideMobage', 'MobaM', or simply 'the Mobage'. Not to be confused with LIVE ON ST@GE, MobaM does not require download or have a rhythm game section; however, the games are quite similar in gameplay otherwise.

This guide is a simplified version of other gameplay related pages from the Wiki, which may have more text unsuited for a new player.

Intro[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Conveniently, SideMobage does not require download, and can be accessed in mobile web browsers here. You must make a Mobage account to play through the browser:

  1. Go to on your mobile device and scroll down to the section labeled 無料会員登録 (Register for Free).
  2. Insert your email address into the line provided. You must use a Gmail email or a Japanese email provider.
  3. Hit the button labeled 送信 (Send). This will send a confirmation email to the address you put in with a link to continue the registration process. Find the email sent to you from Mobage. It may take a few minutes to send. Once you find it, click on the link contained in the email.
  4. Continue registration from the link provided by Mobage. Here are the things it'll ask you for:
    1. Your gender (性別). Your only options are Male (男性) or Female (女性). Your birth date (生年月日). 年 is the year, 月 is the month, 日 is the day. Note: Minors have limits on the amount of Mobacoins they can purchase in a set period. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to give your real birth date or not.
    2. Whether you want to have your birth date displayed publicly. する is yes, しない is no.
    3. Your blood type (血液型).
    4. Your location (地域). Only locations in Japan are listed, so just pick something at random or keep the default location.
  5. Press the blue button once done.

There is a standalone app for the game on the Japanese version of the App Store/Google Play. It isn't necessary to create an account if you play through the app, although it's best to as you can continue your progress across multiple devices.

It's also possible to play SideM on your desktop browser using a mobile spoofer such as User-Agent Switcher for Chrome. This allows you to view mobile-only sites even on desktop.

Upon entering the game, you'll go through a short story about Ken Yamamura introducing you to DRAMATIC STARS. You will be given the choice to receive the basic R card of one of the DRAMATIC STARS idols. Which idol you pick doesn't matter, as the cards can easily be obtained later on.

Teru Tendo Kaoru Sakuraba Tsubasa Kashiwagi

The Producer Training Course is a set of beginner missions that you can complete at any time. There are three sets of these missions, and you unlock a new set once you've completed the one before it.

1st Training Sheet[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

  • Publish a feature in a Magazine.
  • Scout 5 idols in the Scout Mission.
  • Look at one of the idols' resume (in Idol File).
  • Set up an ichioshi unit.
  • Give your group a name.
  • Change the leader idol.
  • Edit your Producer comment.
  • Listen to music in the Sound Studio.
  • Watch a TV commercial in the Movie Theater.

2nd Training Sheet[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Collect music sales (in Notifications).
  • Release a new song (complete a stage in Business).
  • Win in an Audition Battle.
  • Organize a Live Unit.
  • Transfer (delete) an idol.
  • Move an idol to the Boys' Dorms.
  • Set a Producer Title.
  • Play SideMini.
  • Complete the Shimokitazawa (下北沢) location in Business.

3rd Training Sheet[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Organize your Audition Battle Unit.
  • Start your own Audition Battle.
  • Add a coworker.
  • Maximize the trust of one idol.
  • Make a P Card.
  • Join a team.
  • Raise the skill level of one idol.
  • View past event stories in the event album.
  • Complete the Shibuya (渋谷) location in Business.

Menu[edit | hide | edit source]

My Desk is the homepage of SideM. From here, it is possible to see:

  • Notifications: The mailbox icon displays the number of in-game notifications you have.
  • My Data info: By clicking on your unit name, a drop down will appear that displays your level, number of Coworkers, Affiliated Idols, number of Fans, as well as other info.
  • SideMini: The office icon links to SideMini, and displays an exclamation mark in a red bubble if an idol has arrived.
  • Ichioshi Unit: Your set Ichioshi unit is displayed. Idols from the same unit might converse with each other. Swiping right on this segment displays your Leader Idol, and swiping right again shows your P Card.
  • Links: Clicking on the circle buttons of different colors opens links to Idol, Unit, Business, Training, and Story related pages.
  • Stamina Bar/Appeal Power: The green and pink bars display how much Stamina and Appeal power you have. They automatically replenish 1 point after one minute.
Scrolling down further displays UPC, campaign and content links, as well as news banners.

In the header, there are links to different parts of the game:

  • My Desk: The homepage of SideM.
  • Business: The 'main gameplay', where you can earn Money.
  • Lessons: View your idols and level them up, or Change! them.
  • Scout Gacha: Get new cards through scouting them in either paid or free Gacha.
  • Event: The main way to get new cards for free.
  • Menu: Opens up into the extended menu when clicked.

Most of these buttons aren’t that important, but there’s some in particular that are good to know. Please refer back to this image when looking for pages mentioned later in the guide.

  • Change!: ‘Idolize’ using 2 copies of the same card.
  • Ichioshi Unit: Set up the 5-member unit that will be displayed on your home screen and in your profile. Idols in this Unit will increase trust quicker and also appear in SideMini more.
  • Idols in Deck: View all the Idols you have on hand. You can have 100 Idols maximum at a time.
  • Boys’ Dorms: Store extra Idols into the dormitories.
  • Office: Use the SideMini minigame.
  • Presents: Collect Items and Idols obtained via Events, Campaigns, Gifts, etc.
  • Items: View the Items you have on hand.
  • Coworkers: Add friends using their player ID.
  • Gift: Send Items and cards to other players (only if verified).
  • Team: View your Team or join a new one.
  • My Data: Edit your profile and view your statistics. You can change your Group name, Producer title, Producer Card, and wishlist here.

Business[edit | hide | edit source]

Business is the 'main' gameplay of SideM. Despite that, nothing really happens here, so you’re free to ignore it and only play the events. However, it’s a good intro to the sorts of gameplay that will be in the events.

In Business, you go through a series of Levels, Stages, and Locations in order to scout new N idols. To play it, tap the first stage presented and press the big green button labeled 営業. You’ll get taken to a screen like this. Simply tap on the screen to progress.
  • Progress: Your progression through the level.
  • Stamina: How much stamina you have left (replenishes one point per minute).
  • EXP: How much experience points you have until leveling up.
  • Fans Gained/Money Gained: How many fans and how much money you’ve earned this session.

While playing, you might encounter some mini-events.

TIP: You can set business to automatically proceed without tapping. To do this, go to the Settings and select the option called 営業自動進行設定. Then press the ON button and tap the blue button to confirm. Note that this option is only avaliable once you're at player level 10.

Lives[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

The first kind of event you’ll encounter are Lives. In these, you have to reach the amount of Voltage required with your appeal strength by using Appeal Points (which replenish one point per minute).

Select how many AP you want to use by tapping on the star (note that you can only use AP in increments of 20). You'll be able to see how many Appeal Strength Points it will give off. Your goal is to reach the number in the Voltage Required part.

If you don’t have enough Appeal Points to complete the live, you can use an item to increase your AP.

Note that it’s best to use the items labeled MY, as the unlabeled items are able to be traded. Red items are event items, and will disappear after the event is over, so try to only use those if you can.

Audition Battles[edit | hide | edit source]

In the Audition Battles, 5 of your cards will go up against the cards of other players. If ⅗ of your cards are stronger, then you’ll win the battle. Audition Battles don’t use any AP, so just go ahead and press the blue button, and the game will automatically select your strongest cards (unless you’ve set your own units in the Organize Unit section).

You can also start your own audition battle by pressing on the Audition Battle button in the extended menu. These battles use 20 AP, but you can select from a random list of 5 people to play against.

Other[edit | hide | edit source]

You might encounter these smaller events while going through business:

  • Scout a N card.
  • Gain trust points with cards.
  • Replenish Stamina (blue background) or replenish AP (orange background).

In the Scout Mission, you can scout for the R cards of all the Idols once. Tap on the group that has the Idol you want to scout. Then swipe left/right until you see that Idol and press the big green button labeled 営業. As usual, you'll be taken to the Business screen, and go through two levels of Business until you scout the R card. Each Idol's R can only be scouted once, but you can easily get them again through other ways of scouting.

Events[edit | hide | edit source]

Events are the main way of getting new cards in SideM for free. If you play wisely (and often), you’ll easily be able to obtain the two R cards and if you save up your items (or pay for them) then ranking for SRs isn’t too difficult either.

Be warned that the tiers in SideM are much more competitive than in LOS because only the top 1000 can receive the Event SR, and only the top 100 can get two copies. In the Marathon Event type, only the top 500 are guaranteed the SR. Because of this, you'll only be able to rank a few Events per year if you’re F2P, even if you save up Items everyday. Pick who you want to rank carefully, as some idols may be more difficult to rank for than others.

There are currently five different Event types in SideM: Live, Bingo, Marathon, Team, and Live Produce. Please see Events for more detailed information on the Events.

Panel Missions[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Each day, there is a set of 6 missions that you can complete to get 315 Seals. The types of missions you have to complete will depend on what kind of event is currently going on. Panel Missions reset each day at midnight JST, but only if you complete the missions from the day before. If you don't, they'll carry over to the next day.

You can access the Panel Mission by tapping on the first round button under the main Event screen like so:

There, you'll be taken to a checklist of 6 different missions. Through doing these, you can get up to 20 315 Seals per day. Please see Events for a list of Panel Missions for each event type.

Exchanging Items[edit | hide | edit source]

You can exchange 315 Seals for different items in the Panel Mission Exchange Room. Select how many of that item you want via the dropdown and press the blue button to confirm.

The green button is Business which is the same as normal Business, basically. The purple button is Live, where you can view all ongoing Lives. Near the top-right (next to the event logo) is your Tension Bar; more on this later.

Notice that in the main menu, where the Event tab would normally be, there's red text instead. This means that there are Lives currently ongoing, whether they're you're own Lives or hosted by someone else.

To start playing the Event, tap on the Business button. You'll proceed through regular Business until you get a Live. These lives will start small, but gradually grow to require 3,000,000 voltage maximum. If you don't want to do such huge Live, then just ignore them and the size will dwindle again.

As usual, select the amount of AP you want to use by clicking on the star.

If you didn't use enough AP to complete the Live, you'll see the Live screen again, with this button at the top. This allows you to invite 10 other people to help out with your Live. Every time you participate in the Live again, this section will appear, so you can keep inviting more and more people for assistance.
Just as you can send out Live invitations to others, other Producers can also send invitations to you. They'll appear on the Live page. The structure of Live from other Producers is the same as regular Live, except you can't invite more people and your Tension Bar will increase. When your Tension Bar reaches 100, you'll get Bonus Time. Your Tension can only be increased by participating in Lives from others, not your own.
The amount of Tension you get from using AP can be seen in that little box in the top right. For example, in this picture, you'll gain 29 Tension points for using 80 AP.

During Bonus Time, all points you get from lives are doubled! This is the best opportunity to respond to other people's Lives and start your own Premium Lives.

A Premium Live is a 6,000,000 Voltage Live that you can hold by using a Premium Live Pass (these can be gained throughout playing the game). It looks intimidating to complete, but if you keep inviting people to the Live, then other players will be able to fill in for you.

Note that to maximize the points you get in any sort of Live, you have to come in '1st place', i.e: use the highest amount of voltage out of anyone participating in the Live. For that reason, many people will try to complete at least half of the Live (so 3 million points out of 6 million) so that they can ensure they get 1st place.


  • You can use 20 AP each turn and keep sending out live invites until others respond; this way, you'll get points as well

On the main screen, you'll be presented with this 3×3 board. Each panel is assigned a different point value: Perfect (4) / Good (2) / Normal (1). Every board has three Perfect panels, two Good panels, and four Normal panels. Perfect panels are arranged in a line on the board horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Basically, the best way to go through it is to start at the top-left corner and go diagonally towards the bottom-right corner until you get a Perfect. Once you hit a Perfect, try to find the 'Perfect line' by going through the panels directly surrounding the Perfect panel.

Once you get 12 panel points, you'll enter a Live. This works the same as a normal Live, except that sometimes you might get a Premium Live, which triggers Bonus Time if you complete it. In bonus time, your panel points gained are tripled and event points are doubled.

Throughout the event, you'll get Special Event Items (these change in every event). They multiply Voltage Points by 10 and can be stacked.

After completing a Live, you'll be taken back to the main page. If you complete three Live, you can move onto the next difficulty. There are four difficulties overall: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hyper.


  • Don't go to Hyper difficulty unless you're in Bonus Time; it uses up too much stamina otherwise
  • Don't use Special Event Items unless you're ranking for the SR Idol, since you can exchange them for 100% Vital Jelly once the event has ended

First, tap on the big green button to start Business. You'll go through areas until you get an Appeal Chance, in which you have the opportunity to do one of three Appeals: Normal Appeal (0 AP) / Good Appeal (50 AP) / Perfect Appeal (Cheer Megaphone). Choose Normal or Good (if you have the AP) unless you're ranking (since the Cheer Megaphone can be saved for later Events).
Occasionaly, you might run into a Follow; this is when two Idols appear during the Appeal Chance. If the 2nd Idol is in the unidolized costume, it doubles the points gained, and if he's in a idolized costume, it triples the points gained.

Completing an Appeal Chance while having a Follow might activate Bonus Time: this ensures that the Follow stays throughout all Appeal Chances for the next 5 minutes (unidolized) or 7 minutes (idolized).

At the end of a Business Area, there is an Audition Battle. Completing this lets you move on to the next stage. Basically, you just have to keep going through Business to collect Event Reports. These are items that you can randomly exchange for rewards on the Event Report page. Notably, you can get the Event Point R and Ranking R, and a very, very slim chance of getting the Ranking SR.


  • Try to use Event Reports fast and early, at least until you get the Guaranteed Event Point R Scout Ticket, as it gives you another 20% point bonus
  • Save your Event AP bars for when you have unlocked all three Point R cards since they provide a 60% bonus in your point overall
  • Only use three Megaphones at once for the highest point bonus

The goal of Team Events is to collect Charms in Business and Lives, and use them during Performances. Performances only run at certain points of the day.

This screen shows the normal main page of the Event, when a Performance is not being held. Tap the green button to enter Business. It functions the same as normal Business, though you'll collect Charms while progressing through the stages, Audition Battles, and Lives. You can also change the level of the Business so that the Lives aren't too difficult to complete.
File:Team event invitation.png
As with the Live Events, if you can't complete a Live by yourself, you can tap the blue button to request help from your Team members. However, this is only possible on Hard and Hyper difficulty.
File:Team performance.png
Each day of the Event has three Performance sessions. Your Team will compete with four other Teams, using Charms to gain points. The Performances take place at the same time every day:
  • 11:00 ~ 12:29 JST
  • 18:30 ~ 19:59 JST
  • 21:00 ~ 22:29 JST

During Performance sessions, you have access to the SPECIAL Business difficulty, which gives more Charms in less difficult Lives.

You can access the Charm Board by tapping on the big red button on the main screen during Performance time. Here, it's possible to use the Charms you've gained to gain points for your Team. Tap on the Charm to place one down. You can also add or subtract them in increments of 10 or 100. Tap the button below the Charm Board to place down your Charms.

The most amount of points from the Charm Board come from Bonuses. This is when a certain number of Charms are placed in either rows, columns, or grid format. Please see Events for a full table of Charm Bonuses.

Unlike other Event Types, Team Events allow players to recieve a copy of the Event SR if their Team has ranked high enough. However, this still depends on your own point total. Please see Events for the total Team ranking rewards chart.

Firstly, you collect tickets by going through Business by tapping on the big green button. You can do work on three different modes, Easy, Normal, and Hard (which is unlocked when you do a live with 3000+ tickets). Each mode uses different amounts of stamina and the harder modes give you a higher chance of getting Program Offers that give you more tickets.
At the end of Business, you'll be presented with an Audition Battle. Here, you'll have a choice of four different Program Offers. Depending on what mode you're on, there's a higher chance of getting Big Programs or even Special Programs, which give more Live Tickets. Each Program is associated with a demographic.

There are three demographics that you can aim for: Kids, Teens, and Adults. Which one you pick doesn't matter, except that it increases your point bonus if you keep picking the same demographic. Choose Special Programs over keeping the same demographic, unless you're in it for the long run. You will waste too many items if you only do one demographic.

Once you've collected tickets, you can do a Live Produce by tapping the red button on the main screen. It's better to do Live Produce with high amounts of tickets (the max for one live is 15,000), because you'll have a higher chance of activating bonus time. Set the number of tickets you want to use in the live.

Select with demographic you want the live to aim towards (Pop = Kids, Cool = Teens, Chic = Adult). There is a bonus added onto your point score depending on how high the percentage is for your chosen demographic, so pick the demographic with the highest percentage. You can also add Producer Passion to add an extra bonus to your score. Click on the blue button beneath that to start the live.

After the live, you'll get a message from one of the idols. You can choose to respond to it (simply clicking a button) now or save it for later. When you respond to it, you'll get 50 EXP for the Produce Level. Sometimes the idols will write something extra long and you'll get a choice between two options to reply with. It doesn't matter which one you go for, but this gives out more EXP, so be sure to answer it.

The Produce Level can be seen in the upper right corner of the main screen. EXP is gradually obtained over the event. Increasing Produce Level increases the chance of bonus time. During bonus time, the amount of tickets you gain from offers is doubled, so use this chance to gain many tickets for Live Produce.


  • Try to aim for the same demographic in general, but if you see a Special Program, then go for that instead, even if it isn't the same demographic as what you've been building so far (unless you're aiming to get a very high rank, in which case the bonus from aiming for the same demographic may be more useful)
  • The Offers don’t expire until you restart work, so wait for AP to replenish naturally rather than using AP bars
  • Save up your tickets until you can do a 3,000 ticket Live to unlock the hard mode. Then try to save your tickets until you can do 15,000 ticket Live , as they give the most points
  • Don't use Produce Passion unless you're ranking for the SR Idol, since you can exchange them for full AP bars once the event is over. If are ranking, then only use it when you're doing a 15,000 ticket Live

Idols and Units[edit | hide | edit source]

SideMobage is primarily a collecting game in which the player collects Idol Cards. There are 46 Idols in 15 official Units. Idol Cards are split into three rarities: N, R, and SR. They are also split into three attributes, Physical, Intelligent, and Mental. The attributes don't affect anything other than the card's Skills. There are also EX cards, most of which are Ken Yamamura cards used for raising a card level (the others are special cards from campaigns).

The higher the rarity, the stronger the card. It's good to collect Rs until you're able to rank for a SR through events.

The Affiliated Idols (Idols in Deck) page shows all of the Idols you have on hand. You can have 100 cards maximum at once. Scroll down to see all of your cards. When you click on a card, you’ll be presented with this popup:
  • View Details: Takes you to another page where you can see the card lines and other info.
  • Make Leader: Sets this card as your Leader card, which is shown to the other players.
  • Add to Ichioshi Unit: Puts this card into your Ichioshi Unit (increase trust faster). Trust level is shown by the heart.
  • Lock: Makes it so that the card can’t be deleted, practised away, or Change!ed. Make sure to lock all of your important cards!

Deleting Cards[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

On the Affiliated Idols page, there is another tab that says 移籍. There, you can transfer (delete) any cards you no longer want in exchange for money. To do so, click on the idols you no longer want and press 移籍する. You'll be taken to a page to confirm the transfer, so press 移籍する again.

You can level up your card by doing Lessons. It’s best to use Ken Yamamura Rs, as they are the most efficient in increasing level. Using other Idol Rs can increase the Skill Level. To change the idol you’re increasing the level of, press the Switch Base Idol button.

To do Lessons, you can just press the Auto Lesson button. That’ll automatically select 20 idols (if possible) to ‘feed’ to your idol. You can also manually select the Idols you want to ‘feed’ by scrolling down.

To change the settings on which Idols appear, scroll down and open up this section.

Tick which rarities you want to appear and press the blue button. Be careful not to practise off your event Rs, SRs, and other important cards.

Change![edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

To ‘idolize’ your card, you can Change! it with two copies of the same card.

Select which card you want to Change! and click on the チェンジ!する button in the popup. Then you’ll be taken to another page to select the partner card. Click the パートナーにする to combine the cards and Change! it.

You should maximize trust and level before you Change! a card. That will give the card stat bonuses.

Passion Change![edit | hide | edit source]

By collecting Extra Passion, you can Change! a card without needing two copies of it. Extra Passion can be obtained by ranking high in events (top 5000). You need 100 EP to Change! a SR and 10 EP to Change! a R.

TIP: Most R cards can be easily obtained by trading, so try to save your Extra Passion for SR cards you'd really like to Change!.

Since you can only have 100 cards at a time, you can store additional cards in the Boys’ Dorms.

To put Idols from your deck into the dorms, click on the Put Idols in Dorms button and select the idols you want to store. Press the Call Back Idols button to remove them back into your deck again.

To increase the storage space in your doms using Support Medals (obtained in events), click on either the Upgrade or Rewards Room button. Scroll down and you’ll see this:

Select which dorm you want to increase the space of and press the blue button.

Even further below this, you can exchange Support Medals to make another dorm to store even more idols.

You can organize your units in the Organize Unit section.

Live Unit[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Your Live Unit is the one that is used in Lives in Business and Events. It consists of 10 cards. You can have up to four Live Units; the first one is automatically chosen, so you can't edit it. The others, however, can be edited to add/remove any cards you want.

There's a variety of different bonuses that can boost your team's score, but maximizing your score doesn't matter much unless you're trying to rank a very popular character or ranking multiple characters per year. Generally, you can just focus on collecting the cards of idols you like and let the auto-selector choose your Live Unit for you. As well, with the addition of UPC, it's much easier to collect strong cards for beginner players.

Audition Battle Unit[edit | hide | edit source]

Your Audition Battle Unit is used in Audition Battles, so it has 5 cards. You will have four AB units, one that consists of your strongest cards and the others for Vocal/Dance/Visual focus. The easiest way of forming units is to auto complete the Unit. Click on the drop-down box and select Vocal優先 (Vocal Preference) for Vocal units, or Dance優先 for Dance units and Visual優先 for Visual units. Then press 自動編成. This will automatically select your strongest cards of that type.

Ichioshi Unit[edit | hide | edit source]

The cards you set in your Ichioshi Unit will appear on your main page, as well as in your profile. Cards in this Unit will increase trust quicker, as well as appear in SideMini more often. Click on a blank space to add a card to your unit.

Once a card has been added, you’ll see two buttons underneath it. はずす removes the card, while 入れ替え lets you replace it with another card.

Scout Gacha[edit | hide | edit source]

There are multiple Scout Gacha in SideM. These allow you to gain new cards by chance. The most significant Gacha are all paid only, so essentially half of SideM's cards are unavailable to F2P players unless you trade for them. There are occasionally paid campaign and reprint Gacha not listed here. Please see Campaigns or SideM_ENG for updates on new Gacha.

Event Gacha[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

This is the main Gacha associated with the ongoing event. It’s paid only, so you have to buy Mobacoins to do it.

TIP:' The SR rate for the Event Gacha SR is extremely low (only 0.318% in most Event types), so it’s honestly not a good choice to do it unless you have lots of cash to spend on it.

Platinum Days Gacha[edit | hide | edit source]

This is another paid gacha that releases two sets of cards at a regular interval. The first, which releases monthly, is The Idol of Those Days series, which focuses on the idols when they were younger. The second is 315 Audition, which features the various units in their performance outfits. Note that you can do this gacha for free using Platinum Tickets (more information under Platinum Scout).

Scout Medal[edit | hide | edit source]

When you scout in paid Gacha , you'll gain Scout Medals. In the Scout Medal exchange area, you can exchange these medals for whatever past card is featured for the month.

There's also the opportunity to get Scout Medals from campaigns at time, but there's usually a 200 Medal cap, meaning you won't be able to get enough Medals to unlock a R card unless you do paid gacha a couple times.

Point Scout Gacha[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

In the point scout gacha, you can scout basic N and R cards, and there's also a very rare chance of obtaining one the basic DRAMATIC STARS or FRAME SR cards as well. You can do two free scouts per day. You can also scout with scouting points, which will accumulate very quickly when you play the game.

TIP: Since you'll get a lot of N cards from this scout that you won't need, it's recommended that you set it so that the N cards are automatically deleted in exchange for money. You can set this by scrolling down and finding the part labeled ガシャでの自動レッスン/自動移籍設定. Then you'll get to a page with three drop-down boxes. Here, set all of the attributes to 移籍 and press the blue button to confirm.

Event Scout Gacha[edit | hide | edit source]

(OK, this is actually a Live Ticket, but it visually looks the same as an Event Scout Ticket except for the text)
(OK, this is actually a Live Ticket, but it visually looks the same as an Event Scout Ticket except for the text)
Through playing the event, you'll get Event Scout Tickets. These give you a low chance of scouting the Ranking Idols from the current event.
Below that, there's also the 2% Scout Ticket. This ticket, which you can get using P Emblems, gives you a 2% chance of scouting the current event SR idol. Since they're hard to come by, be sure to save it only for the idols you really want.

Platinum Scout Gacha[edit | hide | edit source]

In the Platinum Scout, you can have a chance of scouting the Platinum Days without paying real money. You can get Platinum Tickets through playing. Since these tickets pretty much let you scout paid cards for free, you should definitely only save them for idols you really like.

Social[edit | hide | edit source]

SideMobage is, of course, a social game and so you can add other users as your friends.

On the Coworkers page, you'll be able to see three tabs:

  • List of Coworkers
  • Sent Requests
  • Received Requests

To add a user as your friend via ID, press the blue button labeled 同僚候補検索. Then press the tab labeled ID, and you can simply put in their ID number. You can also see your own ID number there, so you can share it if you want your friends to add you.

To add a user as your friend through their profile, click on the blue button labeled 同僚申請 underneath their Mobage picture. This will send out a friend request to them.

Gift allows you to send Items and cards to your Coworkers. You must have your phone number verified on Mobage in order to use this feature. Because SideM does not have a proper trading function, players use Gift to trade Cards and Items with each other.

It's vital to join a Team in SideM as its required to participate in Team Events. As well, joining a Team means that you can gain Team rewards from normal events.

To find a Team to join, go to the Team page. There are two sections: Create a Team and Join a Team. If you're under level 10, you won't be able to create your own team. Tap on the button from the second section to find Teams to join.
Here you'll see a list of Teams you can join. There are two tabs near the top: these allow you to switch between any Team and Teams your Coworkers are in. Once you find a Team you like, tap the button underneath it to see the Team's full page.
If you want to join the Team, then tap the blue button in the center. If there are no entry requirements, you'll be accepted immediatley; otherwise, you'll have to wait for the Team leader's approval.
TIP: To find strong Teams that specialize in your favorite units, wait until there is a ranking event for one of the idols in your favorite unit. Check the top 100 of the Team ranking tab of the ranking page to find teams that are focused on the ranking idol and/or their unit.

In the My Data section, you can set up your profile that other users will see. Things that you can edit are:

  • P Card: See P Cards for more detailed information on editing your P Card.
  • Producer Titles: You can set up to two Producer Titles that will show on your profile. Normal P Titles can be obtained through max-trusting an Idol, or getting them many times through SideMini. You can get SR titles through scouting them in gacha or ranking high for them. Note that if you get an event SR through chance (such as with a 2% ticket or through Event Reports), you won't get the P Title. Also, you won't get the P Title if you trade for that Idol.
  • Leader Idol: You can choose one Idol to be your leader that will be displayed next to your Mobage icon.
  • Ichioshi Unit: Your ichioshi Unit can also be edited from here.
  • Wishlist: You can select up to three Idols to add to your wishlist, which is also displayed on your profile.
  • Comment: You can set a short comment to display on your profile.
Below that, there are links to your own profile to share with friends. You can even make a QR code!

Other[edit | hide | edit source]

You can collect items from your Present Box. Please see Items for a more expansive list of items; this only lists some that may be useful to know.

Name Usage
Vital Jelly recovers stamina. There are both 50% and 100% Vital Jelly. Here, the red Vital Jelly is an Event-only Item, so it expires once the Event is over. Be sure to use it before the event ends!
AP Bar recovers AP. There are both 20pt and 100pt AP Bars. Like the Vital Jelly, the red AP Bar here is an Event-only Item, so it expires once the Event is over.
Megaphone is a point multiplier in Marathon Events. Please see the Marathon Event section above for more info.
Platinum Scout Ticket lets you scout for the idols in the Platinum Days Gacha. There are multiple scout rate Tickets, including 10% SR scout and 5% SR scout. Please see the Point/Ticket Gachs section above for more info.
2% Scout Ticket lets you scout the current event SR. Try to save up a lot of these!
Voice Memo unlocks the idols' voiced lines on their Idol File page.
P Emblem can be exhanged for various items in the Exchange Room, including: 5% Platinum Scout Ticket (up to five times a month), 2% Scout Ticket, and Voice Memo.

SideMini is a ‘minigame’ that basically lets you exchange souvenirs for random items. You can gain souvenirs while playing events.

Tap on the souvenir you want to use and press the orange button to confirm. As with other items, red souvenirs mean it is an event item, so it’ll disappear when the event ends. Unless you’re ranking for the current event SR, you should only use the event-only souvenirs. The souvenirs after the first three are unit-specific; for example, if you use the rice crackers, then only Shinsoku Ikkon Idols will appear.

After 30 minutes, an idol (or idols, depending on the size of the souvenir) will appear and give you either scouting points, money, or event-use items.

There are two types of magazines: normal (通常号) and special event (増刊号). You can read magazines using Memory Notes, which are obtained by scouting Idols or max-trusting them.

To read magazines, tap on the magazine you want to read. There are individual chapters for each Idol. In normal magazines, you can only read the chapter if you've scouted at least one of their cards. Normal magazines have four chapters for each idol, while special event magazines only have one chapter per Idol per event (although some of the earlier events had two chapters for the SRs).

Since the magazines do consume Items and give rewards, it's best to mainly read event magazines, as they use the least amount of Items (1 Memory Note) and give out 2 AP Bars per chapter. You can read some of the translated magazines on this Wiki as well.

Unit Produce Competition (UPC) is now the quickest way to gain strong SR cards. Every month, a new set of UPC cards come out for each unit. These cards are 'reprints' of old SR+/R+ cards with a rainbow background. Aside from having the background and a slightly lower card strength than the original, they're the same in every other way. The UPC cards can be gained upon getting 1 million points for the unit you want (you'll get all the members of the unit you select).

You gain points in UPC simply by using AP in the game, whether its in events or lives. There are point multipliers that you can buy with UPC coins, which are gained by using AP as well.

To participate in UPC, scroll down on the main screen and click on the button that says UPC TOPへ (To UPC main screen). Then select a unit you'd like to focus on.

You can switch units at any time you'd like, but you'll only actively gain points through AP for the unit you're currently working with. Unlike points, you can use UPC coins gained working with any unit with other units too.

It will take you to a screen with a 30 day chart. Above the chart is the number of total points gained for the month. Below the chart, there is the number of UPC coins you have for the month. Below that, there's two tabs: CD and プロモーション (Promotion).
CDs allow you to gain points passively, i.e. you don't have to be using AP to gain points, so you can switch to working on another unit while still gaining points for the unit that has a CD out. However, CDs gradually lose their effectiveness as the month goes on, earning you less and less points.

You can buy two CDs per month. They cost 500 thousand UPC coins each. There are some point multipliers you can use through UPC points in the Promotion section.

Promotions allow you to buy point multipliers using UPC coins. There are two types of Promotions: 街頭広告 (Street Advertisement) and TVCM. Note that you can't use more than one Promotion at a time.

Street Advertisements boost the amount of points gained from using AP/voltage for 30 minutes. There are three point multipliers: 2x (20,000 UPC points), 4x (50,000 UPC points), and 6x (100,000 UPC points). It's best to use these just before you're about to use a lot of AP (such as before a Premium Live in a Live event).

TVCM triples the amount of points gained from CD sales for varying periods of time: 1 hour (10,000 UPC points), 3 hours (30,000 UPC points), or 24 hours (240,000 UPC points).

If you reach 1 million points for the unit you've selected, you can receive the SR+/R+ of the unit members at the end of the month.

Players who rank in the top 10 of their unit for the month can also receive a special voiced line from the voice actor of an idol for that unit (the voice actor will say the player's name). However, there are no rewards to be gained once you reach 1.5 million points, so it's best to switch to another unit instead of going past that point if you're not trying to get into top 10.

F.A.Q[edit | hide | edit source]