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Side Memories is a feature from the original Mobage that showcases a special story about a particular Idol. Chapters are unlocked by earning Side Memories points through completing Event work. A special limited Item called "Heart Slips" (心の付箋) can also be earned from Event Gacha, which is used in a special kind of Business to earn more Side Memories points.

Campaigns and Features[edit | edit source]

As Side Memories is still a relatively new feature, special Gachas will be held when an Idol's Side Memories story is released. The special Gacha will have the selected Idol's entire card history available for the Gacha, both Rs and SRs.

After unlocking all of an Idol's story chapters, a Season Voice will be unlocked. If the selected Idol is displayed in the Producer's My Desk Featured Unitx, the Idol will have a special line, depending on the month.

Month Event
February Valentine's Day
March White Day
April Springtime
May Children's Day
June Rainy Season
August Late-Summer Greeting Card!
September Summer's Ending...
October Halloween
November It's Autumn
December Merry Christmas!

Unlocking each chapter will also earn rewards:

Ch Cost Reward
1 0 Scout Points ×1,000
2 70 Money ×10,000
3 140 Memory Note ×2
4 210 My Appeal Bar (Mini) ×5
5 350 Special Omiya ×1
6 560 (Unit Specific Omiya) ×1
7 910 Whistle ×1
8 1470 Platinum Scout Ticket ×1
9 2380 P Emblem ×1
10 3850 Season Voice Unlocked
(Total) 9940

Featured Idols[edit | edit source]

Nao Okamura[edit | edit source]

Ch Chapter
1 The First Bell
2 Sentiments of Mother
3 Before Innocence
4 Name
5 Angry Boy
6 The Cold Hospital Room
7 Aspirations Before You
8 Show Courage
9 A Promise for Two
10 Nao Okamura

Takeru Taiga[edit | edit source]

Ch Chapter
1 The Morning Encounter
2 Perplexity
3 A Glance at Transformation
4 Hand in Hand
5 Reminisce, for a bit
6 A Straightforward Promise
7 Gong of Battle
8 Becoming an Idol
9 The True Path
10 Together Towards tomorrow

Yukihiro Kamiya[edit | edit source]

Ch Chapter