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Login Yo. Can’t y’put me up onstage one of these days or somethin’? My senses’ll atrophy if you just leave me on house duty all the time.

You’re up early today. I was just about to go runnin’, but... You can tag along once in awhile, if y’want?

Event Login Hey... I’ve got refreshments. Take ‘em, if y’want. You’re our cornerman, y’know. Just stand by the stage and watch the match unfold.

Hey... I’ve got refreshments. Take ‘em, if y’want. You’re our cornerman, y’know. Just stand by the stage and watch the match unfold until the very end.

Lesson Words are useless. Your fists are all you need!

Live Formation A concert with everyone... I dunno how far we’ll get, but I’ll fight with all I’ve got.

Audition Battle Formation Fight against the strong and win; That’s the way I wanna make it, all the way to the top!

Featured Unit

Featured...? Got it. You’ve chosen me. I’ll do it.

Leader N~R+ I’m the leader...? I dunno if I can really bring everyone together, but I’ll do what I can. If you’ve got any tips, lay ‘em on me.

N~R+ Trust MAX I’ve gotten a little better at this leader work stuff. Or, well, I think I am, but... You really think so? In that case, I’m glad.

Leader SR~SR+ Leaders really stand out, huh? Good. That’s convenient. Let me at it. No matter what happens, I won’t cut corners. I’ll go at it with all of my strength, always!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Every time I’m in a bind, you come through for me before I know it, y’know? I just wanted to say........ Thanks. I’m really grateful for that.

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer, huh? ...They’re someone I can rely on. Someone I can trust. That’s why I’m gonna pay them back with my actions. That’s the kind of relationship we have.

My Desk (0% Trust) I’ll be in the training room. Holler if y’need anythin’.

My Desk (5% Trust) I said, listen up. I’m talkin’, so couldja quiet down a bit?

My Desk (30% Trust) We have a little time before we set out, right? I was gonna go running for a bit...... I’ll be back in a sec.

My Desk (MAX% Trust) I’ve been ready since forever. Don’t lag behind, let’s get a move on.

Business (0% Trust) Sweet, looks like we nailed it... I mean, uh... That was nothin’. Piece of cake.

Business Am I bad at talkin’? I’ve been takin’ everything on with just my body up until now... Please, advise me!

Business (MAX Trust) The, uh, me right now... it’s thanks to you. So……………………Thanks.

Trust UP! I’ve got the motivation, but... Sometimes I get a little uneasy. I gotta do my best as an idol, though, huh?

I’ve stopped feeling uneasy. I decided I’m just gonna aim for the top headfirst. After that, I should be able to see the view I’ve always dreamed of... Right?

The stuff you say is kinda hard for me, so I don’t always get it all the time, but... I’m glad you’ve become so passionate about me.

Trust MAX That ramen shop we went to the other day was tasty... Damn, I got hungry just remembering it. Let’s go for some ramen.

Refreshments This if for you. Hell are you thankin' me for...? Just doin’ what I was told. So... see ya.

Cheer You ain’t losin’ in a place like this, are ya?! Stand firm!

Convo Chance! Hey, you.

Break Time ‘Sup. You did pretty good too... Nah, I’ll praise you f’real. I think you’re workin’ up a real sweat out there.

Whether boxer, idol, or producer, your body’s your greatest asset. Watch yourself out there. See ya.

mini Shout Hard work is my specialty.

mini Thanks Hey, you. Thanks... For the gift, I mean.

Audition Battle Preparation I thought I try squarin’ off with you... Let’s do this.

Audition Battle Come at me from wherever you want!

Goin’ easy on me’s pointless. Come at me with all you’ve got!

Program Audition Preparation Don't matter who stands in my way! I’ll knock ‘em all down!

Program Audition (Rival) Goin’ easy on me’s pointless. Come at me with all you’ve got!

Program Audition (Self) I’ll be your opponent! Come at me!

Audition Battle (Backup) You ain’t losin’ in a place like this, are ya?! Stand firm!

Audition Battle (Win) Good game. Let’s go again.

Audition Battle (Lose) Good to know just how inexperienced I am.

Live Preparation Lemme test my strength out there!

Live Continuation Is this really all the strength I have...? No, it’s too early for that. I don’t wanna give up just yet...!

Live Success! Looks like we made it, one way or another. You’re lookin’ more happy than anyone.

Whew, feelin’ good. That went just as well as I thought it would. It was pretty fun.

Whew, that was a pretty good warmup. I’m gonna keep this up and do my best on the next job too!

Birthday Effect (2015) Somethin’ that’s gonna make you real happy is about to happen. I just don’t know what it is.

Birthday Effect (2016) Leave this t’me! I won’t betray your expectations!

Birthday Comments

Bullets[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Doing this makes me remember “Cybernetics Wars.” I’m really glad that my experience from that could help me out another time… I’ll definitely act my role as an assassin to the best of my ability.
“It’s a given that people will die. All I do is make that end come a little faster to others. You ended up begrudging too many people… Do your reflection in the other world.”
Scout The way to shoot the gun… No, first, start off with your posture. I’m not really good at teaching, but I’ll do all I can. Leave it to me.
I think it’s amazing of Kei-san that he’s working hard at action even though he’s bad at it. My feelings of wanting to make the fans happy are the same. I won’t lose.
Change! “Our hearts haven’t been frozen over!” …Referring to myself this way is pretty embarrassing… I’ll have to make sure I don’t elicit laughs during the performance.
My Desk (0% Trust) I don’t really have many things I’m good at, so… I’m glad to help someone out.
My Desk (MAX Trust) If you need help, I’ll gladly take care of you. Whenever you need me, just call out.
Business (0% Trust) It’s easier for me to memorize a hundred actions than ten script lines. Leave it to me.
Trust MAX Hm? Do you want me to teach you how to use guns too? …You think my gun action’s cool? What’s up with that… You’re making me blush if you come at me with that outta nowhere… Thanks.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit Kelly

Halloween 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album It looks like there are lots of little kids… I have to make sure I don’t scare them too much. Since Halloween’s a fun event where children can get smiles on their faces.
“Do you really think zombies are slow and dull? Unfortunately for you, that’s a big mistake. I can run as I chase after you… like this!”
Scout Should I just wear this…? What’s wrong? You’re laughing bitterly… The cloth’s on the wrong side? …You’re right. The ghost’s face is on this side.
I sorta remember my childhood with this. We’d wrap freshly-washed sheets over ourselves and try to spook each other like we were ghosts. It was fun.
Change! This outfit is surprisingly easy to move around in. It’s hard to do action in a way zombies do, but I’ll give it a shot.
My Desk (0% Trust) I’ll be going to Kyoji-san’s house today. We all made plans to play a horror game together.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Hey, are you good at dealing with zombies? I want to play this game with you, but only if it’s okay for you…
Business (0% Trust) I was told “trick or treat” in the break room just now. How should I have answered that…?
Trust MAX Maybe it’s because I’ve been acting that I was hungry for so long that I actually got hungry… Hey, you, do you have time after this? Let’s go out for food.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu

Honest Fist[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Do you remember? The time we stood on that stage. I was dancing like this, right? Haha, this takes me back. Hey, Producer. Does the way I am now… show that I’ve grown from before?

Thanks to the people who’ve supported us, we’re here right now. We have no intention of standing still. From now on, we’ll keep rushing through with all we have! We’ll be the ones… to grab the peak!
Scout Hey, Producer. There’s a place I want to drop by before we get back to the agency. It’s fine if it’s only a little bit. Could you give me some of your time?
It’s difficult to return to the basics, since I’m always thinking about how to aim even higher. Thank you for going along with my selfish request.
Change! The number of fans or scale of lives can’t be compared to the first time I stood on stage, but… Even now, this excitement and my feelings have never changed.
My Desk (0% Trust) It’s a fan letter from someone who’s always supported me since I debuted… This gives me good motivation.
My Desk (MAX Trust) If I hadn’t met you, I wonder what I’d be doing around now? Thank you for having met me.
Business (0% Trust) I’m watching videos from previous lives. It’s a little embarrassing, but… this is also necessary to study.
Trust MAX Whenever I’m worried, I try to look at you. When I meet eyes with you, you’ll smile for me. My worries then change into confidence.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu

Honest Feelings[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album I don’t know what to go with, since, instead, anything would be fun if I rode it with you... Ah. I want to try riding that one. That water whatever… thing. The water spray looks like it’d feel good.

I can’t say these sorts of things are my specialty, but… My feelings of wanting the audience to enjoy things doesn’t change. I’ll convey my feelings of gratitude to everyone. Watch over me.
Scout When I walk here, I remember the wedding ceremony… the photoshoot at the amusement park. Sorry for surprising you. I phrased that badly.
The picture that was taken when the water splashed on us came out well. Both you and I were making weird faces… I’ll be carrying this around forever, to commemorate today.
Change! I want my feelings of gratitude to come through on the stage today. To the fans… and to you… Thanks for always supporting me.
My Desk (0% Trust) The amusement park’s all spacious, so it’d feel nice running around here… Don’t worry. I won’t run.
My Desk (MAX Trust) I’m glad I came to the amusement park with you. Since I got to see an unexpected side of you… Haha.
Business (0% Trust) It’s a good thing you’re with me. I’m bad at talking, so… thanks for everything.
Trust MAX I want to bring my little brother and sister to the amusement park someday, too. With the three of us… no, four of us. You’re going to be coming with us then… right?
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu