Teru Tendo

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Teru Tendo
"With hard work and guts,
it's the hot-blooded lawyer hero!
Member of
Character Data
Age: 28
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Shoe Size: 26 cm
Birthday: February 23
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Tokusatsu, darts
Skills: Cooking
Writing Hand: Right
Horoscope: Pisces
Hometown: Fukushima
Ex-Job: Lawyer
Attribute: Physical
Voice Actor: Shuugo Nakamura

The straightforward Man of Passion who aims to be a Hero of Justice!

Teru Tendo is one of the Idols available to produce at 315 Productions. He is a member of the Idol Unit, DRAMATIC STARS with Kaoru Sakuraba and Tsubasa Kashiwagi. He was a former lawyer before being scouted by the Producer.

Profile[edit | hide | hide all]

Teru is a former lawyer. Ever since he was little, he's yearned to be a hero with a strong sense of justice who would never abandon a person in need. He was scouted milling about freely after quitting his law firm that preferred profits over people and decided to aim towards becoming a top idol. Never straying from his convictions no matter what happens, he surmounts strife and stress with his own brand of cheerful brightness¹.

Resume[edit | hide]

"My name is Teru Tendo. I’m going to become the idol world’s brightest star!"

Reasons for Becoming an Idol
I made a promise to start living an honest and upright life! And you can’t break promises!
Personal Motto
My favorite phrase has got to be “Ally of Justice.”
Comments for the Future
I want to become a hero of justice and help those in need. I’m dead serious! That’s why I’m aiming to the top of idol stardom. No more running away; I’m going to live a life of integrity! If I can catch that brightest star in the sky, then I can become a real hero, right?
Comments about Unit Members
Sakuraba and I have clashing personalities, so we pretty much just butt heads with each other. Tsubasa is, uh... he’s a little quirky... But, there’s no mistaking their skills. They’re the kind of comrades I know I can trust!

Story[edit | hide]

Translated Commus[edit | hide]

Birthday Comments[edit | hide]

See: Teru Tendo/Birthday

Character Commu
I've been waiting anxiously since midnight. I wanted to show the one year older me to you, Producer! I'm super happy you're celebrating my birthday! Thank you.

Character Commu
Whoa, whoa, whoa! No way... You two threw a birthday party for me! When did you guys do all of this...Much, much thanks, you two! I'm super happy!
Happy birthday, Teru-san! Dramatic Stars wouldn't be here without you! Let's work and grasp that brightest star together!
Hmph. You should stop getting excited over every little thing. You are one year older. I expect you to show the glamour of adults at least once from now on.

Character Commu
Thanks for the birthday wishes! Now that I'm another year older, I'm going to have improve more and more to surprise you, Producer. So you better keep your hopes high for the older me!

Character Commu
Wow, is this a birthday party for me?! Man, I can't believe you two prepared all this in secret... I'm gonna party hard today!
Well, did it surprise you? It was really tough making all these stars, but Kaoru-san and I did our best to make them!
You didn't need to go into that much detail, Kashiwagi. Hmph. This party is to remind you that you're another year older and you should be conscious of that. Now just sit in your chair and wait patiently.

Character Commu
And on my birthday, I declare to start over fresh! Teru Tendo, the man who's got the adult charms, is now going to the public! Nah, just kidding. You're the person I wanted to see first the most today, Producer, and my wish came true.

Character Commu
...What the. Hey, you two. We were so busy this year that I didn't think we'd have a party this year, but you guys managed to prepare a surprise for me!
No matter how busy we are, we'll always throw a birthday party! We all want to celebrate Teru-san's birthday together, don't we, Kaoru-san?
I have no interest in birthdays, but Kashiwagi insisted so I went along with the preparations. Don't make such a sloppy face when you're being celebrated, Tendo.

Character Commu
Producer, you're like a bean! Every year you throw a celebration for everyone's Birthday...
No, but for real I really wanna thank you! I'm super happy to have somebody so special celebrate for me!

Character Commu
Heheh~ What day is it today? I don't know! Can you tell me, Sakuraba! You don't have to complain about me today, it's alright to devotedly celebrate on my behalf!
Teru-san is blushing, Kaoru-san! Happiness is written all over his face so let's all have a grand celebration today!
...Good grief. You're making more noise than ever. Fine, I'll celebrate with you. But if you get too loud I'm going home.

Character Commu
It's nice to receive a present, but receiving Birthday wishes just for me makes me super happy! Just your wishes are enough to make this day the most special!

Character Commu
Thanks for the celebration! Hehe, for some reason you two always put on a celebration for me every year. That must mean you love me, right~?
Fufu, of course I love both you and Kaoru-san! If the three of us continue working together, I'm sure things will be great!
Don't talk nonsense. Well, since it's your birthday I'll allow such a foolish statement. However, don't make more noise than you need to.

Side Memories[edit | hide]

See: Teru Tendo/Side Memories

Translator: GQ
Character Commu
What did you wanna talk about, Producer? ...An offer just for me? Ooh, I'm being invited to guest on a quiz show?
Isn't this a really popular show? You can do it, Teru-san!
If I recall, this program is infamous for the difficulty of its trivia questions... Are you sure Tendou's up for the challenge?

Oh, you know I'm sharper than I look. I'll be fine all on my own!
So who else is gonna be there? Let's have a look at the participants... Wait, this name is...

Who is it? Do you know them?
Yeah, it looks like one of my seniors from my lawyer days is gonna be participating.
Oh, I've heard of this person! That's the lawyer that's been on a bunch of TV shows lately.
He's a super passionate and upright guy, so I've looked up to him since day one.
He even makes appearances on news programs. I'm surprised to hear that he's an acquaintance of yours.
Well, it's been ages since I last saw him. I can't let myself look bad!

Character Commu
A few days later at the agency, while meeting with the quiz show's director...
Director "Idol Snatches Victory on his First Try!" Just imagine how dramatic that headline would be. The people would go wild!
So—and this stays between you and me, but—I'm gonna slip you the question bank we'll be using. Be ready for them.
Your fame is gonna explode if you win, Tendou-kun! Not a bad offer, eh?

(...So basically, he wants me to stage a win to make his show look good?)

...Sorry! I just can't play along with that idea.
If you want a dramatic victory, I'll claim one with my own hands. Just leave it to me!

Director Wellll... Easier said than done, y'know? Our questions are, like, super-ultra-mega hard?
Hard problems? That's hardly a problem! Juuust kidding...
Director Hrmm... Well, I guess I can't force you. I'll figure out some other way to make the people go wild!
(The director leaves.)
Sorry 'bout that, Producer. I kinda turned him down by reflex, but... was that a bad idea?
I knew you'd respond to him like that.

Really? ...Heheh. I'm glad you and I are on the same wavelength.
I know I can't completely avoid staging things for TV sometimes, but...
I just can't win by cheating. Especially not in front of someone I respect. That's the worst.

Let's polish up your trivia skills!
Good plan! I'll sneak some time in between jobs to study like there's no tomorrow. Let's win this thing!!
(Meanwhile, outside of the agency...)
Director Well, it is what it is. Time to switch to plan B and hit that guy up again!

Character Commu

Interesting... So it looks like the questions they ask usually fall into certain categories.
It'd be embarrassing if I got the science and literature questions wrong. Then they have sports, art, and...

...Oh, it's Producer. Good work today! Thanks for compiling all the past questions from the show for me.

How does a break sound?
You brought me coffee! Good idea, I'll take a short break.

Y'know, I didn't think I'd ever be hunching over a desk studying like this at my age.
Poring over papers late into the night... it reminds me of old times.
Back when I was breaking my back studying day in and day out, wanting to be a lawyer...

...Hm? What's up, Producer? You look like you wanna say something.

Oh! Don't worry. It's not like I wish I was still a lawyer or anything.
I'm really glad that I became an idol. That comes from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks to my meeting with you, I.... Whoops. This break's gone on for a little too long.
Alright, I'll head back to studying now. The coffee was great, thanks!

Character Commu
Hey! Do you remember me? It's Tendou Teru! I quit being a lawyer, but now I'm an idol, and...
Celebrity lawyer Yes—I'm familiar with your current activities, Tendou. Best of luck to the both of us today.
Certainly! I look forward to filming with you!

(...I see. These questions really are tough to chew on, just like they said.)
(Everyone's expecting my senior to win, huh... But I won't go down that easy!)
(Oh! This question was in the bank that Producer gave me!)

TV host Tendou Teru delivers yet another correct answer! Amazing! He's got a perfect record so far!!
TV host ...It's time to announce the results. And the winner is... Tendou Teru of DRAMATIC STARS!!
...I won...?! YESSSSS!! All my hard work paid off!
TV host Congratulations! What an amazing achievement!
Thank you very much! It was worth putting all those hours into studying for today!
Celebrity lawyer .......That little...

Character Commu
Great work out there! What's the matter? You didn't have to come all the way to my dressing room...
Celebrity lawyer ...You really screwed things up, Tendou. This is a mess.
Celebrity lawyer The plan was for me to win in today's show.
So why are you coming out on top? I'm supposed to be known for my smarts—how do you think this'll affect my reputation?!
...Stop right there. What plan...?
(Teru flashes back to the director.)

Don't tell me... You let them give you the questions ahead of time?!
But why? ...I thought you weren't that kind of person...

Celebrity lawyer Tch... You're so naive. I'll do anything I can to protect my status.
Listen... you won't last very long in this world with that kind of mindset!
(The lawyer leaves Teru's dressing room.)
(What in the world happened to him...?)
Are you alright?

...Haha, sorry 'bout that. I'm fine. Thanks for looking out for me, Producer.
Why don't we go share a victory meal together? C'mon, let's party!

Character Commu

"Tendou Teru Suspected Cheating on Quiz Show?" "Anything to win the grand prize..." huh.
What a horrible magazine. Everything in this article is clearly made up.
...But they sure did publish this at the worst possible time.
DRAMATIC STARS was supposed to appear on a live music show next month...
But I heard that our sponsors are putting a pause on things thanks to this scandal.
...Sorry for all the trouble, Producer.

I'll go prove your innocence!

Producer, wait! ...I actually have an idea of who might've spread this rumor.
I just... don't really want to believe it. I have no solid evidence yet, either.
Would you help me gather that evidence?

Of course.
Thanks a ton. ...Well, let's get moving. First, we need a plan of attack.

Character Commu

So that quiz show... You were the one that spread those lies to the press.
I have all the evidence to prove it, but I still can't believe it. Why would you do something like this...?

Celebrity lawyer ...You haven't changed a single bit, have you? Still a goody-two-shoes with a sharp mind.
I used to be like you. Always believing in justice, doing my job in earnest.
But... at some point, my focus shifted to protecting my status. My reputation.
Running into you at the show made me realize how much of a disgusting person I'd become.
My hands have long been stained. I just couldn't stand myself anymore...!
...You can still turn things around. If you're the same person that I knew back then...
Celebrity lawyer Shut up! For someone who quit being a lawyer and jumped into a completely different world...
...Yet never lost heart, and kept leading an honest life as an idol...
You could never understand the shame I feel!!

......Trust me. I know what it's like to lose heart.
For a little while after I quit our law firm... I was completely shut off from the world.
I stopped getting clients. Nobody would give me the time of day.
I'd promised to always be honest and true to myself, but didn't know if I could do it anymore. So...
That's exactly why I think I can grasp your hands, no matter how stained you think they've become.

Next month, I'll be on a music show. Live from the studio.
My song might be the last thing you want to hear right now, but... I want you to tune into it.
I'll show you exactly how I feel through that show. As the idol named Tendou Teru.

Character Commu
TV host Next up is DRAMATIC STARS, the group that's been picking up steam lately!
Before we get into the music, would you have any thoughts or messages you'd like to share with the audience?
...Then, I'll go first. Sakuraba, Tsubasa—sorry, but could I have some time?
(Tsubasa and Kaoru give Teru the floor.)

So, I'm a latecomer to the idol world, especially when you compare me to all the younguns.
That means I walked a long path before I got here. Can't even count the number of times I've had things go wrong for me.
But I know sitting around and moping over that stuff won't get me anywhere.
When you're struggling... I think it's important that you never give up.
Keep looking ahead, no matter what. Move forward, even if all you can take are baby steps.
That's how you can pick yourself up. That's when the world around you will start to move.
Those are my beliefs. I hope this belief can reach all of your hearts.

"It's important that you never give up..." What a wonderful message!
...It's very fitting for you to give a speech about motivation and determination.

Heheh. So what I'm saying to the people sitting at the TV is...
If you're going through hard times, I'm here to help you forward.
I want to send these feelings through my song. Our song. So... everyone!
I'll keep aiming to reach the brightest star, shining at the top of the idol world!
And I'll become a real hero! I'll make this wish into reality... So be there to see me when I do!

Alright, let's get started! Our first song is... DRIVE A LIVE!

Character Commu

Someone issued a formal apology to 315 Production? I see, so it was my senior...
Actually, I got a message from him a little while back too.
"I don't know what it'll take for you to believe me, but I want to have a fresh start."
That's what he told me. I hope my work as an idol stirred something in him.

...Oh, right. You got time after this, Producer? Are you up for a quick meal?

Heheh. It's been a while since you've been here, right? I know you remember this place!
This is where the idol named Tendou Teru got his start.

You observe that Tendou-san is still as honest and true to himself as he was on that day.
Right? Though I was still kind of hard to handle at first. Made some trouble for you back then.
How can you stay so true to yourself?

...My ideal hero is someone that's always true to themselves, even when the going gets tough.
It's a dream I've been chasing ever since I was a kid.
And you're the reason why I can keep holding onto it today, Producer.

Character Commu

When I chose to leave the law firm... I didn't have any regrets.
But I'll admit that it was hard for me to stay optimistic.
So I was at this bar, having a little too much to drink. And that's when you came up to me, Producer.
I can't thank you enough for showing me this new opportunity as an idol.

...Wait, I think we've stayed here for a little too long. Let's get ready to go.

Hey, Producer. To finish what I was saying earlier...
It's thanks to you that I started this journey as an idol, and met Sakuraba and Tsubasa.
I can't tell what the future will bring. But at the very least, I don't want to do anything that I'll regret later.
So I'll welcome both the hard and the fun times with open arms, and keep sprinting forward!
I want the three of us in DRAMATIC STARS to aim for the brightest star together!

I know you'll claim that star one day!

Definitely! I'm counting on you. You'll be right there, claiming the star with us!

...Whoa! Look at the sky. The stars are real pretty tonight. There's not a cloud in sight—just a cloak of beautiful stars.
Heheh. Tomorrow's weather is gonna be great!

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Etymology[edit | hide]

  • The name Teru means "brightness, radiance, shine, sparkle, gleam, twinkle" (輝).
  • Teru's surname Tendo means "sun, heaven/way of heaven, providence, destiny, divine justice/divine guidance/divine intervention, fate, fortune, chance, predetermination, lot" (天道).

Trivia[edit | hide]

  • According to an interview with Youzou Sakagami, Teru was written and designed to be a character women would fall for and men could relate to.
  • Teru sees his facial hair as an important part of his identity. He keeps it because, without it, he thinks he looks like a kid.
  • Teru's original birthday was on March 15th (3/15), but then changed to February 23rd to resemble the date the SideM mobage resumed service after its long maintenance.

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