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Common[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Login Hey, don’t think twice about relying on me, alright? As it stands, I’ve got a dynamite work ethic and tons of experience, and I know just how to use it, yeah!

Aren’t you tired? Eating some candy'll lift your spirits! Want a choco-lot? How about a choco-little? See, all better now, right?

Event Login Yo. Here, I got you something. I’m pretty thoughtful, right? Seeing you do always doing your best out there, Producer, it gets me fired up too!

Yo. Here, I got you something. I’m pretty thoughtful, right? We’ll ride it out ‘til the end with you, so let’s do our best! Shoot for the brightest star!

Lesson Relax! If we take it on together, we’ll be a-okay!

Live Formation Let’s make this the best stage anyone’s ever seen! Don’t worry. We can do it together!

Audition Battle Formation I’m a hero, and heroes don’t lose to anyone! I’ll give it all I’ve got! That star of victory is mine!

Featured Unit YES, I’ve been waiting for this! Let’s shoot for that brightest star, together!

Leader N~R+ Me? Leader? Ah, lemme take care of it! Even though I look like this, I can take care of things just fine! I’ll meet all your expectations, just you see!

N~R+ Trust MAX Being the leader makes me feel like I can see so much more than I could before! All of you, we’re gonna shine brighter than any star, you hear?!

Leader SR~SR+ You’re making me leader? Alright, leave it to me, Producer! I won’t stop until we all get to that brightest star!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Hey, you, you’re always supporting us from behind the scenes, huh? You know I know that, yeah? So, thanks a bunch, seriously!

Leader (Other Producer) Producer, you understand me more than anyone. When I’m with you, I can go anywhere! I truly, truly believe that.

My Desk (0% Trust) I overslept and didn’t have any breakfast! I’m dying here! ...Do you mind if I eat right now?

My Desk (5% Trust) Hey, wanna take a break and go eat something? We can go get whatever ya like! My treat!

My Desk (30% Trust) You’ve been going at it a little too hard, haven’t you? S’there anything I can help out with?

My Desk (MAX% Trust) You’re always here to support me. So I wanna do the same for you!

Business (0% Trust) Work-Mode Off! Man, my heart was pumping that whole time! ...Hey, we were pretty cool out there today, eh?

Business For real? I can wear something like this? At my age?

Business (MAX Trust) Alright, alright, I’m coming. Any job I do with you is bound to be fun.

Trust UP! Meeting you basically saved my life, Producer. All I have to do is my best... I’ve only just started believing that again.

Dammit... Am I just half-baked after all? Sorry, Producer. Looks like I haven’t been paying off.

ALRIGHT! I’ve been feelin’ good lately! Weird, huh? I feel like I can take on any heights when I’m around you...

Trust MAX Together with you, we’re taking that brightest st-... Aah! I was going to say that after we took it, but when I saw your face I went and said it anyway!

Refreshments Yo, I’ve got gifts. Full of love from my Producer! Use ‘em with care!

Cheer Lift your head up high and puff out your chest! We’re all here for you!

Convo Chance! Producer! You got a sec?

Break Time How’ve ya been? It’s been hard out there, but let’s keep doing our best.

Oh, is it time already? Time flies when you’re having fun, huh? Well, see ya.

mini Shout Shoot for the brightest star!

mini Thanks Producer! Thanks for the gift!

Audition Battle Preparation Pretty naive t’think you’re gonna beat us. You just been eating sweets or something? ...Just kidding. (There's a pun here I'm not quite getting)

Audition Battle This is my resolve!!

Sorry, but I’m not going easy on you.

Program Audition Preparation I... I can’t lose this fight!

Program Audition (Rival) Sorry, but I’m not going easy on you.

Program Audition (Self) Alright, let’s pump up the party!

Audition Battle (Backup) Lift your head up high and puff out your chest! We’re all here for you!

Audition Battle (Win) I’m not handing this win over to anyone!

Audition Battle (Lose) That win’s gonna be mine next time, just you wait...!

Live Preparation Come on, let’s paint this town red!

Live Continuation We gotta pump it up more than this! Come on, everyone, raise your voices!

Live Success! Right here, right now, I think I’m glad I became an idol... For real.

That was a blast! If we ever get another concert like this, count me in!

Maybe this sorta thing is what makes all our feelings become one...!

Birthday Effect (2016) It’s here, it’s here! My brightest lucky star, it’s shining right over me!

Seasonal[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
"Happy New Year"
Producer, if you haven't already, let's go visit a shrine together. It's not that I'm relying on God, but dreams and goals don't come true unless they are first etched in your heart!

"Valentine's Day"
Valentine's Day is a big event for girls to show their feelings to the person they love, right? It's nice to have the opportunity to show courage. I want to cheer on them as much as I can!

"White Day"
For White Day, You have to gift back three times more?! Give me a break... W-well, if it's for someone special to me, I'd want to give it back not three times over, but three million times back, It's love!

"About Spring"
Do Japanese like cherry blossoms? ...That's right. My bad! But I'm just a weak for anything that ephemeral...You won't just leave and disappear quietly too, aren't you?

"About Children's Day"
May Festival dolls in armor surely look strong and cool, isn't it! I used to adore warlords and read a lot of warrior novels, I'd be happy to do that kind of work!

"About Storms and
Rainy Season"
Sigh... Rainy days really make you lost motivation in everything...I amen hope for the rain to stop, Amen!...my bad...Let's blame it on the rain too for that bad sense.

"About 315Pro's
This time of year always reminds me of myself at the time I met you, Producer. Because of our meeting that day, I was able to move on forward!

"Here's a Late-Summer
Greeting Card!"
Ahhhhh, it's so hot...Pass me the cola already... Eh? Don't go around the office in a T-shirt and shorts? Ugh...Even though I'm an idol and I feel like a dad...

"About Summer's End"
Woof! It's a wolf cosplay for the full moon! W-what...? It doesn't look good? Damnit, I knew I should have done something more hero-like.

"About Autumn"
...It's surprising that I'm reading a book?! Let me tell you, even though I looked like this, I studied until my entire book of the Six Laws tattered and passed the bar exam.

"Merry Christmas!"
Merry Christmas! If a miracle can happen tonight, I hope all the unfortunate people in the world get saved. W-what's with that expression! Do you think I'm going to make a pun?

T/L Credit DeepL, edited by drgng

FROZEN KINGDOM[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Ughhh—! My head’s all icy, but “I see” that this ice bar is seriously good…! Oh, you noticed!? Yeah! I made a gag from this situation: since it’s an ice bar, I saw it as I ate it!
Building up an expression befitting of a heel-type character to suit this ice castle’s atmosphere… It’s pretty difficult, but how’s this? This one antagonist’s expression in tokusatsu was really memorable, so I used it to reference!
Scout Huh—, I didn’t know these kinds of places existed! It’s interesting in a different way from a ski place. I’m looking forward to the photoshoot!
Change! The guy who makes the best evil expressions would be Hideo… Nah, wait, Sakuraba would make a good match for him. I’ll work hard to make it a good gravure, too!
My Desk (0% Trust) The moment you leave a footprint on piled-up snow is oddly stressful.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Are you eating properly these days? As long as you ask, I’ll make something for you!
Business (0% Trust) Being content with myself isn’t good enough content! I want to keep on improving more and more!
Trust MAX It was a difficult photoshoot, but we managed to get through it because you also taught us a bunch of things. Thanks for that!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit Kelly

Suit Collection[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Actually, this is the exact same tailor that put this suit of mine together. See, the shop's tag is right here. They sure don't cut corners—I can guarantee their quality.

Thanks for letting us take this offer. We gotta do what we can to make this show a success, and help that tailor find a successor to their business!

Scout I swear, my suit isn't THAT fancy. But I did splurge on it a bit, I guess.

Sakuraba might get mad at me for acting like a kid, but this opportunity is out of this world! Who wouldn't get excited?

Change! Bespoke suits, limousine service, the red carpet, a reception party... This is crazy! I'm feeling like a Hollywood star over here!

My Desk (0% Trust) This suit is one of my most prized possessions. I was pretty picky when I had them make it for me.

My Desk (MAX Trust) Producer, if you're thinking about having a new suit made for you soon, I can give you some advice.

Business (0% Trust) I wanna become a Hollywood movie star and get to walk the red carpet some day.

Trust MAX I always feel comfortable discussing work when it's with you, Producer. And that's not all—I appreciate everything you do.

Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect We gotta save this established tailor shop!

T/L Credit GQ

Warrior of Justice[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album We were chosen to play allies of justice in a musical live? Really!? ...Uwooohー! The day has finally come for my debut as a hero of justiceー!

“Risen, Leo DraStar! Everyone, it’s alright now! Those Double Devils that made innocent people suffer.. We will definitely defeat them! Dramatic Star☆Sentai DraStars, On Stage!!”

Scout Our job this time is to make kids smile, huh! A hero of justice is the best, most perfect role for me!!

Change! Dramatic Star☆Transformation! Leo DraStar! ...Uwoooh… I really become a real hero now… too cool… I’m the real thing… This is way too cool...!!

My Desk (0% Trust) I wonder if those guys back in my lawyer days would be surprised to see me now.

My Desk (MAX Trust) Heroes don’t always have to win. What’s important is that they never give in.

Business (0% Trust) I was thinking of heading to the bar after work. Do you think I could bor-row some of your time as well? ...So, how was that!

Trust MAX No matter how high the hurdle, I won’t give up. It’s just in my nature to keep searching for a way to jump it.

Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect Cry out! Lionheart!

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