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Training (育成) allows Producers to raise their Idols to increase their statistics and make them stronger for Lives and Audition Battles.

Lessons[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Lessons involve selecting a Base (the Idol receiving the training) and a Partner (supporting Idols). The Base Idol selection screen shows 10 Idols at a time, up to a max limit of 100 Idols. Base Idol candidates can be sorted by name, level, individual stat, total power, Formation Cost, attribute, dependability, and order received.

Up to 20 Partner Idols can be chosen to increase a Base Idol's experience and level them up. Leveling up a Base Idol increases their Vocal, Dance, and Visual stats until they reach MAX Level. If an R/R+ card (except Ken) is selected as a Partner, the Base Idol's Special Skill level will increase as well.

The Leader Idol, Locked Idols, Idols in any Unit, or Idols in the Featured Unit are ineligible to become Idol Partners and will not appear for Partner selection.

Auto-Lesson[edit | hide | edit source]

Instead of selecting Idols individually, the Auto-Lesson (おまかせレッスン) system can be used to automatically choose certain cards under specific parameters. Currently, Auto-Lesson pulls from cards from Affiliated Idols and Presents that are Lv. 1, Dependability 0, and Eligible for Selection. Options can be set to pull from N/N+ and R/R+ cards, along with cards with or without Special Skills.

Double Result Campaigns[edit | hide | edit source]

Ever so often, a Double Result Campaign will occur, doubling the experience gained by a Base Idol during Lessons. Campaigns usually last for roughly two weeks.

Change![edit | hide | edit source]

To turn an N, R, or SR card into an N+, R+, or SR+ card, two copies of the card are needed to Change! or Idolize the card. Transforming the card increases the MAX Level for both Idol's experience and Special Skill, but it also resets the card's Level back to 1.

It is recommended that both N/R/SR cards to be Idolized have their experience and Special Skills at MAX Level with their Dependabilities filled (MM) to the limit for a boosted N+/R+/SR+ card (MMM).

Similar to Lessons, the Leader Idol, Locked Idols, Idols in any Unit, or Idols in the Featured Unit are ineligible for Change! unless the Idol in question is removed from their Units or unlocked.