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W is an Idol Unit comprised of twins Yusuke Aoi and Kyosuke Aoi. The two were former pro-soccer players before joining 315 Productions.

Unit History[edit | hide | hide all]

Twins who were close to each other throughout their whole lives, Kyosuke and Yusuke grew up admiring soccer due to influence from their family. They became pro soccer players who wowed the audience with their flashy special moves.
One day, during a match, Kyosuke made a risky pass to Yusuke, who strained himself to hit it and was hospitalized as a result. Due to the strain that any further aggressive plays would place on his leg, Yusuke retired from his soccer career, and Kyosuke followed suit. While Yusuke was hospitalized, the Producer scouted him and his brother together to become the idol world’s strongest twins. Eager to become the strongest once more, Yusuke and Kyosuke found a different path…

Unit Relationship[edit | hide]

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Unit Conversations[edit | hide]

Live Start[edit | hide]

Live Start
Yusuke Aoi: We'll show you the power of twins! Kyosuke Aoi: Okay! Yusuke, let's join forces.

Yusuke Aoi ➜ Other Members[edit | hide]

Desk Conversations
Yusuke Aoi: Kyosuke, stand over there; I'll kick the ball to you! Kyosuke Aoi: Rodger! I’ll go get the ball!
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Yusuke Aoi Other Idol
The pork cutlet I ate at the film shooting was super delicious~! Kyosuke Aoi: Let’s go get them again with coach!
Even though I’m bad at math, you won't give me the cold shoulder, right? Michio Hazama: Don’t worry about it. Let’s work hard together through and through.
Hello, Mister Maita! Uh...I am a man! Rui Maita: Haha~ Of course! You are a man!
What you helped me with was exactly on my test! Thank you, teacher! Jiro Yamashita: Oh it’s nothing, I’m glad to hear it worked out.
Kyosuke, let’s have a soccer ball juggling face-off, I need my revenge! Kyosuke Aoi: Bring it on! I won’t be defeated easily!
Hm...kyosuke, melon bread….*sleep talking* Michio Hazama: It seems like he’s totally out of it… hey, wake up.
Next time, let’s all play soccer together! Rui Maita: OK! I’ll call over my soccer friends♪
It’s Sailor, love, my flute, right? * Jiro Yamashita: Actually, it’s “my boat”. What a clever way to mess it up.
*He’s referring to the mnemonic phrase for memorizing the list of the first 20 elements, the one Jiro sings in Study Equal Magic.

Kyosuke Aoi ➜ Other Members[edit | hide]

Desk Conversations
Kyosuke Aoi: Yusuke, do you have anything sweet? Yusuke Aoi: Nope. Wanna go to the convenience store together?
Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines
Kyosuke Aoi Other Idol
I wanna go to a fun shooting location with Yusuke again~ Yusuke Aoi: Next we should do something like a report on a soccer match. How about that, Coach?!
Your teaching method is very precise, I like it! Michio Hazama: I would be happiest to hear if I have motivated you.
Whaaaat~...no way! It’s embarrassing... Rui Maita: Don’t worry about that! It’s important to take part in English conversation!
Teacher, could it be, you’re actually really kind? Jiro Yamashita: Well, I wonder.
Yusuke, gimme one of those pastries. Yusuke Aoi: Yeah, of course. Oh, you want to eat it here as well?
Teacher, do you want to come with me to the convenience store? Michio Hazama: Let us go. I must investigate what teens are up to these days.
Teacher...can you read this kanji? Rui Maita: Yep! I know it in English too...maybe♪
Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron... Jiro Yamashita: Great, amazing. You could make a better teacher than me.

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