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Yusuke Aoi

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Kyosuke Aoi

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W is an Idol Unit comprised of twins Yusuke Aoi and Kyosuke Aoi. The two were former pro-soccer players before joining 315 Productions.

Unit History[edit | edit source]

Unit Conversations[edit | edit source]

Live Start[edit | edit source]

Yusuke Aoi: We'll show you the power of twins! Kyosuke Aoi: Okay! Yusuke, let's join forces.

Yusuke Aoi ➜ Other Members[edit | edit source]

Desk Conversations

Yusuke Aoi: Kyosuke, stand over there; I'll kick the ball to you! Kyosuke Aoi: Rodger! I’ll go get the ball!

Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines

Yusuke Aoi Other Idol
The pork cutlet I ate at the film shooting was super delicious~! Kyosuke Aoi: Let’s go get them again with coach!
Even though I’m bad at math, you won't give me the cold shoulder, right? Michio Hazama: Don’t worry about it. Let’s work hard together through and through.
Hello, Mister Maita! Uh...I am a man! Rui Maita: Haha~ Of course! You are a man!
What you helped me with was exactly on my test! Thank you, teacher! Jiro Yamashita: Oh it’s nothing, I’m glad to hear it worked out.
Kyosuke, let’s have a soccer ball juggling face-off, I need my revenge! Kyosuke Aoi: Bring it on! I won’t be defeated easily!
Hm...kyosuke, melon bread….*sleep talking* Michio Hazama: It seems like he’s totally out of it… hey, wake up.
Next time, let’s all play soccer together! Rui Maita: OK! I’ll call over my soccer friends♪
It’s Sailor, love, my flute, right? * Jiro Yamashita: Actually, it’s “my boat”. What a clever way to mess it up.

*He’s referring to the mnemonic phrase for memorizing the list of the first 20 elements, the one Jiro sings in Study Equal Magic.

Kyosuke Aoi ➜ Other Members[edit | edit source]

Desk Conversations

Kyosuke Aoi: Yusuke, do you have anything sweet? Yusuke Aoi: Nope. Wanna go to the convenience store together?

Special ST@RTING LINE CD Lines

Kyosuke Aoi Other Idol
I wanna go to a fun shooting location with Yusuke again~ Yusuke Aoi: Next we should do something like a report on a soccer match. How about that, Coach?!
Your teaching method is very precise, I like it! Michio Hazama: I would be happiest to hear if I have motivated you.
Whaaaat~...no way! It’s embarrassing... Rui Maita: Don’t worry about that! It’s important to take part in English conversation!
Teacher, could it be, you’re actually really kind? Jiro Yamashita: Well, I wonder.
Yusuke, gimme one of those pastries. Yusuke Aoi: Yeah, of course. Oh, you want to eat it here as well?
Teacher, do you want to come with me to the convenience store? Michio Hazama: Let us go. I must investigate what teens are up to these days.
Teacher...can you read this kanji? Rui Maita: Yep! I know it in English too...maybe♪
Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron... Jiro Yamashita: Great, amazing. You could make a better teacher than me.

Past Events[edit | edit source]

Discography[edit | edit source]

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