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Login Mornin’, Coach... Hey, don’t you see me as a friend lately or anything? Just gettin’ a little worried you forgot I exist, y’know~

Coach, good morrr~niiing! I’m in great condition today, so just push pass those jobs over to me! Let’s make this a great day!

Event Login Got a little giiift for you, Coooach♪ Kyosuke and I are in top form today too! So, c’mon, let’s get fired up!

Got a little giiift for you, Coooach♪ Kyosuke and I are in top form today too! It’s almost over, so, c’mon, let’s get fired up!

Lesson Hey, once we’re done practicin’, let’s go play!

Live Formation Our next concert sounds like fun, huh! Let’s rock that stage out, you guys!

Audition Battle Formation A serious battle sounds a-ok with me! I’m gonna clinch that magnificent winning shot, so, good luck to the other guys♪

Featured Unit

Coach, thanks for putting me in! I’m gonna make that goal like, BAM! So make sure you’re watching, okay?

Leader N~R+ Leader? Sure, sure, I’ll do it! I wanna show Kyosuke what I can do! Umm... What do I do first, though~?

N~R+ Trust MAX Doing leader work makes me realize how cool Kyosuke really is. So I wanna keep doing my best! Let’s take this team all the way to the finals!

Leader SR~SR+ Leave the leader-ing to me! I’m gonna work everyone to the bone~! All~righty, first off, running drills, everyone!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Coach, you follow me through even the worst times, huh? Thanks! I mean it! I’m gonna aim to be a leader just like you, Coach!

Leader (Other Producer) Coach? Now that I think about it, there’s barely a moment we aren’t together. It feels kinda weird when they’re gone, like, they’re just as much a part of me as Kyosuke is!

My Desk (0% Trust) Hehe~ Mornin’, Coach! Let’s take it easy today, too♪

My Desk (5% Trust) Hey Coach, you lookin’ for Kyosuke? Knowing him, he probably went to the convenience store or something!

My Desk (30% Trust) Doesn’t matter what job you throw at me! I’m gonna give it my all and grow up right before your very eyes, just you wait and see!

My Desk (MAX% Trust) I can’t help it, I’m itchin’ to get out there! C’mon, Coach, hurry, hurry! Let’s get to work!

Business (0% Trust) Yeah! That felt awesome! Hey, you thought so too, right Coach? Hehe♪

Business Hey, not too shabby, huh! How’d it look from a Coach’s point of view? Gimme your thoughts!

Business (MAX Trust) Nice shot, huh?! Don’t go fallin’ in love with me, or anything, though, or you just might burned! ...Just kidding♪

Trust UP! Is there really more to singing and dancing than just rockin’ out and having fun? Hmm, being an idol is harder than I thought, huh?

I’m slowly coming to understand what it really means to entertain people. Idol work may be hard, but it sure gets my heart pumpin’!

...Huh, my shoelaces are untied?! Oh, damn, they really are! Ahaha, you really are always watching out for me, huh! Thanks!

Trust MAX It’s thanks to you that I didn’t give up halfway, Coach! I’m so glad that I met you! Really, I am!

Refreshments Special deliiiveryyy♪ My Coach is pretty thoughtful, huh?

Cheer Okay! I’ve got your back on the assist!

Convo Chance! Ah! Coach!

Break Time Hey, I got I wanna ask, but... Do you have a sec?

Thanks a bunch for letting us chat, Coach! See ya later!

mini Shout Dashing off at top speed!

mini Thanks Coach! Thanks for the gift!

Audition Battle Preparation Ohh, I’m up against you, huh? Haha, I’m feelin’ fired up all of a sudden♪

Audition Battle No matter who wins, no hard feelings!

Watch and be amazed, my special performance!

I’m gonna take the shot! Here I go!

Program Audition Preparation Wait a sec! I want this job too~ ...I’m not letting it go without a fight!

Program Audition (Rival) Watch and be amazed, my special performance!

Program Audition (Self) I’m gonna clinch that win!

Audition Battle (Backup) Okay! I’ve got your back on the assist!

Audition Battle (Win) Looks like I win this time around! Let’s battle again sometime!

Audition Battle (Lose) Oh no, I totally screwed that up. I messed up, I messed up...!

Live Preparation I’m gonna dash off at top speed, anytime, anyplace!

Live Continuation Not bad, not bad... But not good, either! Aah, I can’t hold out much longer...

Live Success! Cooo~aaach! Didja see us out there? That’s the way ya do it, hehe♪

Look, Coach, the crowd’s losing it out there! Guess we put on a pretty awesome show!

Hehe, that was loads of fun! Let’s do s’more concert! More, more!

We did it! Today’s show was perfect! Even I felt like I was getting into it up there♪ Were you watching, Coach?

Birthday Effect (2016) Here it comes! Coach, here’s my chance!

Birthday Comments

Castaway[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album When you hear campfires, you gotta think about group choruses around a fire. Coach, do you have any requests for what to sing? Kyosuke and I will dance it for you. Of course, dance included ♪
“I can’t believe a place like this existed… it’s like a heaven on earth. Hm… I think something was just running over there… Pedi, over there, that patch of grass! Let’s go check if there’s something there!”
Scout Just what you’d expect from an uninhabited island! Can’t believe we’d be able to gather wood for a campfire on our own! Let’s burn up a bunch! You ready?
Change! There’s a lot of audience members. I’ve gotten all excited like an explorer feels…! Let’s make everyone focus on just us with our performance ♪
My Desk (0% Trust) If I were to bring something to an uninhabited island, what would I bring? If it doesn’t have to be a thing, I’d have to go with Kyosuke!
My Desk (MAX Trust) If you, Kyosuke, and I are together, then we’d be able to have fun anywhere we are, whether it’s an uninhabited island or wherever ♪
Business (0% Trust) The things that the staff members are carrying look heavy. I’ll go help them out for a bit!
Trust MAX When I’m with you, I feel like talking about my dreams! What about you, coach? Tell me your dream. You can whisper it ♪
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Twin Devil[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Roar~! …”It’s not that kind of role”? Sorry! It’s because I’ve had so many energetic roles.. I’ll work hard to show everyone this new side of the Aoi brothers!

“We finally meet, gentlemen of DraStars. I am R of Forever… envoy of destruction. This world you all love so much.. I’ll lead it to a green destruction with this sword…”

Scout Roarー! I wonder if that was evil enough…. How was it! Everyone was scared, right? ...Ah, wait, why is everyone laughing? Be a little more scared~!

Change! This outfit is pretty light… It’ll be really easy to move in this. You should look forward to me and Kyosuke’s action. It’ll definitely be cool!

My Desk (0% Trust) I want to do more work where I can move a lot~ ...Bungee jumping? Uh, that’s kind of sudden…

My Desk (MAX Trust) If you say I should bungee jump, then I’ll do it. And when I do, Coach is coming along too!

Business (0% Trust) That kid I gave an autograph to a moment ago said they’ve been a fan from our soccer days!

Trust MAX Hey Coach, is there anything you want me to do? I’m happy that you always help me, but I want to be able to assist you too sometimes!

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Heartfelt Gift[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album This candy… It looks colorful so it seems interesting, but I can’t really imagine how it’d taste. I wonder how it’ll taste… Maybe I should try eating one? What about one for you too, Coach?
We can’t tell you our feelings in just one go, so we’ll keep telling you how we feel, forever and ever. I hope, someday, our thoughts to everyone who supports us will all get delivered to you!
Scout Whoa~… This one! That one! This place is full of delicious-looking sweets! Haha, just looking at them’s gotten me hungry.
For presents, for me, and for Kyosuke… plus I’ll buy one for Coach. I hope they’re caught off guard by my surprise presents!
Change! It’s almost time… Coach, when the stage is over, I have something I wanna give you. Huh, “What is it?” That’s… to be revealed later!
My Desk (0% Trust) Next time, High×Joker, Kyosuke, and I are gonna hang out after school. I’m already looking forward to it ♪
My Desk (MAX Trust) Doesn’t this pic with us and everyone in High×Joker look nice? I’ll give you a print too!
Business (0% Trust) When I find delicious things, I can’t help but think of you or Kyosuke.
Trust MAX Both Kyosuke and I are super bad at tying neckties… Coach, I’m seriously glad you’re with us. Thanks for helping us out!
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Technique Stirring Up Cheers[edit | hide | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album All right, the trick catch was a success! Kyosuke, thanks for tossing it to a place it’d be easy for me to catch! Okay, next is my turn to throw it to the dog. Ready, set… Take that! Go ’n get it!
Everyone, are you excited? Starting here is W’s turn. We’ll fire you guys up with our synced dance, so you better spin those towels in huge circles and cheer us on with all you got!
Scout Kyosuke and I are playing with the dog here using this frisbee. Oh, it went flying in a good position! I’ll catch it coolly, then.
Change! It’s almost time… Coach, when the stage is over, I have something I wanna give you. Huh, “What is it?” That’s… to be revealed later!
My Desk (0% Trust) Ta-dah! Here’s a frisbee! Coach, let’s play together with this ♪ Come on, hurry it up!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Do you want to try out the trick catch next? It’ll be fine! I’ll assist you, so don’t worry!
Business (0% Trust) Coach! There’s a dog over there! We still have some time left, so can we go check it out for a bit?
Trust MAX Coach, don’t just keep watching. Play with me! There’s such good weather now, so it’s a waste if you don’t move around ♪
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